Wednesday, May 9, 2012


WHO are they? Swine and poultry are the most important livestock of the Akhas. Dogs are used for hunting but they also like to eat them. The Akhas mostly get married around 12 or 14 years old and they live in extended
family units averaged about 10 people in each family. An Akha man can take more than three wives. The Akhas speak the language of Tibeto-Burman that is closely similar to the Lahu and Lisu tribes language.

WHERE do they live? There are hundreds of unreached Akha villages in the Golden
Triangle. There are more than 1.5 million Akhas in Myanmar. The Akhas usually do not
stay in one village for long. They will move from one place to another and they prefer
the hilly mountain sides. The distance between the villages may be three or four days
on foot.

HOW many? 234,000

WHAT do they worship? Ethnic religions

PRAYER needs:
• Pray for the salvation of the Akhas and the unreached peoples of the Golden
Triangle in Myanmar.
• Pray for the salvation of the chiefs in the Akha villages.
• Pray for the Akha children in the Akha region. Most of the Akha children are not
in school since there are no schools, no roads and no medical facilities. The
children are addicted to drugs. Pray for deliverance from their addiction.
• Pray for protection of all the laborers of Christ.
• Pray for provision of workers and resources.
• Pray for peace in the country.