Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Cat served on a nanny team in the Philippines during the summer of 2012.

·      Has this summer changed your understanding or view of God as father? I thought I had forgiven my earthly father for leaving my family and I, but this summer God really convicted me of grudges I held against him. I realized even if my dad had stayed, he could not fill all my needs anyway. I’ll be honest, I’m still no where near perfect and I still have hurt feelings concerning my earthly dad but I have truly begun to understand how God is my Abba Father and loves me (and the orphans I’m working with). His love is better than and deeper than anything anyone on the earth could give any of us!
 ·      How did knowing people at home were praying for you affect your performance/determination to finish the race strong?
 It was almost like I could feel their prayers covering not only me, but also my team and the people we were serving. It was the first time I could understand and experience personally how God wants to use prayer as a part of missions. Knowing that I had multiple prayer partners in the States brought the stories of the early church praying earnestly and fervently for each other to life for me.
 ·      Why should people sign up for Nehemiah Teams/P52?
 If anyone has ever thought of being a life long missionary but has never gone on a mission trip longer than a few weeks, they definitely need to be connected to Nehemiah Teams. NT doesn’t sugar coat the hard truths about the missionary life. At the same time, NT helps the participant grow in Christ and truly shows them how awesome it is to be obedient to the Great Commission.
 ·      Is there anything else you would like to share?I was one of those who never thought I was ‘ready.’ I had a slew of excuses and reasons not to go on mission trips. However, I know God called me here this summer mainly because he didn’t let my heart rest about it until I applied and got accepted. Nobody is ready, but that doesn’t change the fact that God calls all Christians to take his gospel of grace to the nations.