Wednesday, August 22, 2012


How has this summer changed you?

    God has really humbled me this summer.  At home, I'm constantly thrust into leadership positions--always teaching or leading worship or organizing things.  This summer, God has put me in a position where I don't do hardly any of those things.  I serve behind the scenes and help the gospel go forth through the mouths of others who work around me.  He's been rounding off my edges and building up supports in areas where I've had no experience.  Sometimes, ministry can be different than what we think it is.

In what ways did God surprise you this summer?

     God surprised me by placing me where I'm not involved in doing hardly anything I thought I was good at.  Whether it's been construction or cleaning, God's been using me in ways I never would have expected.

How has your involvement in Nehemiah Teams/P52 changed your view on missions? 
   I've always viewed missions as taking the gospel, audibly in some sense, to people who have never heard it.  I now understand that, in the context of short-term missions, it doesn't always look like that.  Sometimes, God uses short-term missionaries to help a ministry for a time without using them in the front lines.