Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Lauren (in the middle) served on the Ruel Team in the Philippines 
· How has your involvement in Nehemiah Teams/P52 changed your view on missions?
Before coming on this mission trip with Nehemiah Teams, I have been on several mission trips, two of them being overseas. Both of those mission trips were no longer than 2 weeks. As I prepared for this trip, I was very excited and could not wait to come. I saw this trip as being an adventure. Missions is something that I really love being a part of. I pictured this summer as being amazing and everything working out just fine. I knew it would be hard sometimes but thought that I could handle it. However, upon arriving to the Philippines my first week, it was not really anything like I expected. I was more concerned with my comfort and wanting that “feel good, excited feeling” that I had before coming. God has showed me that missions isn’t about me. It is all about Him. Letting Christ be all in me. God is teaching me to serve Him with gladness (Psalm 100:2). I have learned this summer that before going on mission trips, it is so important to pray fervently and frequently about what God will call me to do. It is not always easy but the Lord will always be our strength. I just need to get out of the way and let Christ accomplish his will through me.

· How did knowing people at home were praying for you affect your performance/determination to finish the race strong?

Back home, my Dad is the pastor of the church that I attend, and I am very involved in the church. I made prayer bracelets to give out to people who were willing to pray for this trip this summer. I handed out around 85 bracelets. It was so encouraging to see people wearing the bracelets and having them come up to me and tell me that they were praying for my trip. Knowing that many people are praying for me this summer has been such an encouragement and inspiration. I have seen God work in amazing ways so far this summer and I love getting to email and let those people that are praying for me know how God is hearing and answering their prayers. Prayer is so powerful and essential to living God’s will out to the fullest.

· Why should people sign up for Nehemiah Teams/P52?
This summer is my first mission trip with Nehemiah Teams. I only knew little about what to expect of this summer and orientation. Orientation was amazing. I was so thankful and encouraged by all of the speakers, other members of NT/P52, and the training. I was so full of God’s word and the Holy Spirit. It was a great time of preparation for this summer. I am thankful for that time of encouragement, and it really helped me to feel prepared about what I was to expect in the Philippines.  


Kelly served on the P52 MNYBA team in NYC
·      How has your involvement in Nehemiah Teams/P52 changed your view on missions?     Through the article and stories we've read as a team, I've been presented with the idea that those who stay should have to provide a reason why they've been called to stay, while those who go are simply following the command of Christ.  I hadn't thought much about this before.  Also in reading Acts I've seen how important prayer and fasting is in ministry and gospel-sharing opportunities. 
·      How did knowing people at home were praying for you affect your performance/determination to finish the race strong?    It's a way of knowing that we're not along; our team consists of not just the four of us that are here but all the people back home who are our prayer partners.·      Why should people sign up for Nehemiah Teams/P52?    It gives you an opportunity to widen your view of the world and get to know and understand people in different cultures.  Even in New York City, God is teaching me how to communicate with different kinds of people and to love the least of these.