Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Samantha served on the Waray Waray Riverboat Team in the Philippines.

What has God taught you this summer?
One of the biggest things God taught me this summer is that discouragement is not from Him. He promises all over the bible that He will not only go with us, but also before and behind. Knowing those two things should give us a boldness to share His name and goodness with others fearlessly.

In what ways did knowing that people were praying for me help? 
I saw so many specific prayers requests answered this summer. A friend sent me an email about half way through the summer with a prayer that she had been praying for me and everything in the email I had seen God answer. There are many more too such as not letting physical discomforts distract or discourage. So knowing that many were praying for the team and for the people just gave me a bigger view of how God is working. It kind of made me zoom out some more from the world I'm seeing right in front of me.