Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Kristine  is wearing in white on the left.
This was my first 2 month long mission trip, and I'm 23 and about to start my second year of grad school. I've been wanting to go on a summer trip since the summer before my junior year of college, but things of this world kept holding back, from doing a summer internship to studying for the MCAT and working to save up money.

My summer working in the red light districts of Thailand and reading Nehemiah Team's World Christian Bible study has completely changed my life. God commands all of His followers to take the Gospel to all nations, and I now realize that anything less than complete devotion to this end would be disregarding God's will for my life. I believe I am called to international missions and am planning on applying for the Journeyman program as I finish up my last year of grad school. God-willing, I'd like to attend seminary afterwards and then apply for the Apprentice program.