Thursday, December 20, 2012


I will be a missionary one day, but I am a missionary now and have always been one. I became a missionary the day the Lord saved my soul. Therefore I am not called to mission work. Mission work is not a calling - it's every Christian's life. This is a lesson the Lord was revealing to me before I left and He completely reaffirmed during my trip. I can no longer live a day for myself. This life is too short. My God is big and faithful and worthy to be served; therefore, I will serve Him.

God has set a very specific job on my heart during this trip: to start a boys' home. I don't know where or when, but I know He will be faithful to make all things happen in His way and in His timing. God will be glorified in my life. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to be "mom" to 29 girls who God has used to teach me so much about Himself and about myself. Glory to God.