Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Neil served on the Agta Tribe Pioneer Team in the Philippines
How did God provide for your trip?God provided for my trip by giving me an awesome campus minister. I didn't think I would be able to afford the trip with the international plane tickets, but when I talked with my campus minister, he simply said the BCM would cover it. God provided someone who loves the gospel and wants to help send it all over the world.

How did God surprise you this summer?God surprised me, and the whole team, by providing living conditions that were much better than expected. We were able to stay in homes all summer, and were very well taken care of by our hosts.

Why should people sign up for Nehemiah Teams?People should sign up for Nehemiah Teams or P52 because it gives you a chance to see what God is doing globally. We can get caught up in what God is doing in our lives without seeing what God wants to do through our lives all over the world. The cool thing about God is that He often works in and through us at the same time, and Nehemiah Teams is a great way to do that and tell people about Jesus.