Thursday, April 25, 2013


Katie (on the right) served on the NFFF Bukidnon Team in the Philippines
How has this summer changed you? 
  I feel that being here in the Philippines and seeing so much poverty has opened up my eyes to life beyond the United States. I think as a Believer it is important to see what the world is really like, even at its ugliest, because that's what we have been called into. So it has changed my priorities in my life, and I am seeing that if realy does call me to go someday, it won't be that scary. His will is the only place I would want to be.

What has this summer so far taught you about God?
   I am coming to see God as the only solution. Before, I always said that God was my provider and shelter, but when you look around and all you see are problems and hurting people everywhere, you see that the Gospel is the only answer for everyone's lives. So God truly is a friend to the broken and the hurting. I've been able to point people to God as their Father and provider and that is an amazing thing.