Tuesday, September 9, 2014

God in the Shadows

I Samuel 9

God is always at work around us; even in the mundane, ordinary tasks. We never know where we are in this drama He is writing. Kish had lost his donkeys and sent his son Saul to look for them. Saul obeyed and his life was never the same. 

Saul did not know what he was walking into and neither do we.
Saul was looking for donkeys, but God was looking for a leader of Israel.
God was speaking and Saul did not know.
God was at work and Saul did not see it. 

We do not know what all God is up to as we move forward in obedience.  We do not know what will happen today or tomorrow.  There is never a good time to quit.  There is never a good time to lose heart.  Saul did not know that he and his family was "the focus of all Israel's hope." He had gone out looking for donkeys and found a whole lot more.  What might you find today or this week?