Thursday, October 16, 2014

Team of the Week: Hide & Seek #1

You will "hide" in this closed country as a tourist. Each day you will explore your target city, going to where people hang out, "seeking" those who are looking for God. Because of your English-speaking skills it will be easy to make friends and as you do, you will boldly but wisely share the gospel to see who is ready to follow. Making disciples and becoming a disciple in this place is not easy. Will you come anyway?

Job #: 110154   More info!!
Location: Southeast Asia
Field expense:  $1819 + round-trip airfare, travel insurance, passport costs, etc.
Team size: 1 team of 4 males

Dates for summer 2015:
April 1: Deadline for applications
May 28: Member orientation begins
June 2: Teams travel to the field
July 28: Teams return for debrief
July 31: Students return home

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Saturday morning prayers

I went on Nehemiah Teams to the Philippines this past summer. I got the opportunity to share about my summer at my BSM (Baptist Student Ministry) a month ago and was able to start a World Christian Study. It was planned to be a 3 week study (looking at God's Word, World, and Work). There were about 4 or 5 committed people coming every week and really excited to learn about God's heart for the nations. I was so thankful for how The Lord was blessing our time together. 

This past week was supposed to be our last morning to meet together, but as we drew near the end of our time and I began to close out the study, they all just kind of looked at me and said "Well... we don't want to stop meeting... Could we like keep meeting every week and just pray for the unreached?" Umm.. YES. 

I was blown away by what God must be doing in their hearts to want to continue to get up early on Saturday mornings to pray for the unreached. The Lord is so faithful! I just wanted to share with you what The Lord is doing in the lives of a couple college students in Texas and thank you for equipping us to lead these studies and help people see God's global purpose. 

Stephen F. Austin State University