Saturday, December 6, 2014

Lottie Moon Week of Prayer: Day 8

Planting seeds for planting churches

Today, Lily Llambes helps others embrace the true God. But at 25, she grappled with where to place her faith when she was invited into Santeria, whose practices are similar to voodoo.

Instead, she became a Christian. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Lottie Moon Week of Prayer: Day 7

Scripture planting is key

When IMB missionaries Jon Gerwig* and Bradford Wotzke* moved to East Asia with their families in 2004 to share the Gospel with the Iron Peas,* the minority people group of more than 3 million had no known churches and only a handful of believers.

The Iron Pea people group speaks six dialects, and many Iron Peas — particularly women and children — do not speak even the country’s trade language.

“You’re just spinning your wheels if you’re not reaching the people in the language of their heart,” Jon says.  Read more...

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Lottie Moon Week of Prayer: Day 6

Music Makes Relationships

Good values weren’t enough for Linda Hamfors of Stockholm, Sweden. Linda, who grew up in an atheist family, believed Jesus was “a really amazing guy” and learned values from her parents like forgiveness, acceptance and love.

But good values couldn’t sustain the singer/songwriter through the tumultuous years when her parents began drinking more and pursuing materialistic gain.

“I was kind of a little bit left alone with my good values and I wasn’t feeling good,” Linda says.
Struggling with addiction herself, Linda searched for God. She found a church. She began singing in church, and the Gospel songs moved her to tears.  Read more...

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Lottie Moon Week of Prayer: Day 5

A New Wave of Church Planters

For Mitch Englehart,* it’s a beautiful sight that’s taking place in some very dirty water. The South Carolina native watches from the bank of a stagnant canal as six new believers are baptized outside a village in South Asia. Dhanwan is one of them.

“I want to follow Jesus!” the young man says, explaining that he became a Christian after a miraculous healing through the prayers of a local Baptist pastor. That pastor, Lalbahadur, is a fifth-generation Christian whose faith can be traced back to Mitch’s church-planting network. It’s January, and Dhanwan shivers as he strips down to his underwear and steps into the canal. 

To start the baptism chain, Lalbahadur first immerses Dhanwan, then each newly baptized believer baptizes the next. This is discipleship in action, Mitch says, and it’s what has brought him to South Asia.  Read more...

Team of the Week: Urban Rescuers

Urban Rescuers
Walk alongside transgenders (ladyboys) who have just left the sex industry. Be their friend. Through a local ministry, encourage them as they train in livelihood skills, continue their education, & reach out to their families & others in nearby slum areas. Join with other local ministries that reach out to refugees & children.

IMB Job #: 110390  More info!!
Location: Thailand
Team size: 1 team of 6 (3 male/3 female)
Field expense:  $1435 + round-trip airfare, required travel insurance, passport costs, etc.

Dates for Summer 2015:
April 1: Deadline for applications
May 28: Member orientation begins
June 2: Teams travel to the field
July 28: Teams return for debrief
July 31: Students return home

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Lottie Moon Week of Prayer: Day 4

A Risk Worth Taking

Moving a family to South Sudan, a war ground made up of daily turmoil and strife, has been a major risk, even to the point that IMB missionary Robert Lane calls in several times a day to assure his supervisor his family is still alive.

Robert sees it as a risk worth taking as they follow God in obedience to reach out to the Dinka people group, numbering nearly 3 million.

“We need to be ready for those hardships, ready for those difficulties, ready to be used as a sacrifice for Christ as we try to make His name famous,” Robert explains.  Read more...

Monday, December 1, 2014

Lottie Moon Week of Prayer: Day 3

Pregnant Women Become Catalysts

Women in various stages of pregnancy or post-pregnancy surround IMB missionary Nancy Potter* and some Southeast Asian health workers. They chat excitedly about the discipleship and training classes the day before, while waiting for their weekly health class.

When Nancy and her husband, William,* started these pregnancy health classes to combat the high maternal mortality rate in this rural area, they never imagined it would be the catalyst for starting house churches. Read more...

P52 Team of the Week: Derby City UPG Outreach

Derby City UPG Outreach
Serve among the nations in most ethnically diverse neighborhoods of Louisville, KY. There are 120+ nations, 100+ languages in the school system, and over 500 international restaurants and groceries. This individual will be in charge of communicating with churches and teams to assess international communities, help coordinate and conduct programs and events, and connect with community partners. We are looking for persons who are organized, able to communicate with a variety of people, enjoys trying new things, passion to proclaim the gospel, heart for the nations, and can help mobilize the Church to bring wholistic change to bless the nations. Watch a video of local ministry!

Location: Louisville, KY  More info!!
Team size:  Team of 5 

Cost: $1555 plus round-trip travel from Atlanta, GA

Dates for Summer 2015:
April 1: Deadline for applications
May 28: Member orientation begins
June 3: Teams travel to the field
July 28: Teams return for debrief
July 31: Students return home

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Lottie Moon Week of Prayer: Day 2

Churches Share the Task

Mike and Heather McAfee have plans for putting wings on their vision to reach Abidjan with the Gospel.

This sprawling West African city, getting on its feet again after a decade of war and turmoil, is not an easy fix. As the economic capital of Ivory Coast, more than 6 million people and 60 indigenous language groups live here.

“And that’s not counting the immigrants that come from other countries such as Burkina Faso, Liberia, Ghana or Mali,” Mike says. But help has come through U.S. churches committed to sharing this task. The McAfees envision partnering Southern Baptist congregations in the U.S. with local Abidjan churches.  Read more...

As a student you can partner with the McAfees.... click below to see summer opportunities to serve with them to reach the Abidjan.
110396 Abidjan Urban Kids
110397 Abidjan Urban Students

Lottie Moon Week of Prayer: Day 1

Missions Just Got Personal

Tony Mathews thought international missions wasn’t for everyone, that as a pastor his focus should be on the local church.

North Garland Baptist Fellowship, where he has served for 22 years, supported the Cooperative Program. Members of the Texas church had gone on international missions trips, which the pastor had supported — from a distance.

That changed in 2012 when he helped lead activities for children of Southern Baptist missionaries in Africa.  Read more...