Saturday, February 7, 2015

Quotes from the Heart: Missions is not an option...

As we look ahead to Summer 2015, let us also look back at a few students from last summer and their experiences and advice for future students. Maybe you are considering joining a team this coming summer or maybe you already have. We hope these posts encourage you.

How has your perception of a missionary and missions work changed as a result of this past summer?

I've known for awhile that I am going to do long term missions, but I always thought of it as a calling. Now I know that it is not a calling just for me, but for everyone. Missions and the Great Commission is why I am here on this earth. Missions is not an option; it is a command.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Advanced Operations Training (AOT) is Here!

Hello from the Philippines! This past week began the first of a nine week training for many former Filipino Nehemiah Teams members! This group of nine trainees from throughout the Philippines (and one from another southeast Asia country) live on a nearby island, sleep on hard surfaces, cook their food over an open fire, and give up time with friends and family (and cellphones & internet) all to spend time in in-depth study of God's Word. This 2-month intensive training will prepare them to lead in NT training, church planting, and mobilization for various Nehemiah Teams franchises all over the Philippines. This will also endorse them to set up new franchises for Nehemiah Teams all over Southeast Asia. 

  • Please pray for these brothers and sisters in Christ as they study His Word.
  •  Pray for open ears and open hearts to follow Him as he leads them.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Team of the Week: Dinagat Island

The thousands who live on Dinagat Island need freedom! A cult that uses witchcraft has held sway over these people since the 1950's. Church planting efforts have been met with apathy & resistance. As a result, there are four counties with less than 1% evangelical believers. Dinagat Island is very remote. Because of living conditions and the scope of the assignment  given, only those ready to take up a cross should apply for these teams. Spiritual as well as physical preparation is needed.

Come be a part of the next wave of Nehemiah Teams obeying the Great Commission by going to this island. Team members will be learning culture & language, making new friends, giving out literature (tract, Gospel film), prayer walking, and looking for people interested in listening to the gospel. The teams will be living in tents or government buildings and washing clothes by hand.

You first stop will be a joint orientation with other Nehemiah Teams. Learning the skills needed to carry out your assignment as well as team building will fill these first few days. Then your team will fly to Manila and on to Surigao City, followed by a boat ride to Dinagat Island. Following your ministry time you will gather again for a joint debrief...sharing all
God has done over the summer.

IMB Job #: 110286  More info!!
Location: Philippines
Team size: 2 teams of 4
Field expense:  $1138 + round-trip airfare, required travel insurance, passport costs, etc.

Dates for Summer 2015
April 1: Deadline for applications
May 28: Member orientation begins
June 2: Teams travel to the field
July 28: Teams return for debrief
July 31: Students return home