Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Filipino Nehemiah Teams: Mt. Carmel Franchise Goes!

The time has come! We thank The Lord for bringing many young Filipinos together this month to serve The Lord among the unreached and hard to reach. Perhaps the best
way to reach those who are groping in the darkness searching for truth is for those who share their cultural and many times, spiritual background to find them in that darkness and bring them to the light, Jesus. As mentioned before, these young people sacrifice their time, their finances, and sometimes their relationship with family to go and share Jesus in isolated, lost places. 

The Mt. Carmel franchise sent out 1 team with a total of 5 members to minster to "Cousins" of Southern Mindanao. We ask that you pray for this team and the people they will be ministering to this coming month from April 8 to May 20.

Pray for: 
  • Team unity! 
  • Faithfulness and boldness in sharing the gospel 
  • Safe travels 
  • Open hearts to the Truth 
  • That many would come to know and follow Christ