Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Students have Arrived!

With the last group arriving around 12:30AM... All of the students have made it back to Rainsville, Alabama for debrief.  Please continue to pray for them as they have sessions throughout the day Wednesday & Thursday. 

Students are Arriving!

Students in by lunchtime
Students have begun to arrive back in Alabama for debrief. Be praying as they arrive throughout the day... last bus should get to the church around midnight Tuesday. Wednesday & Thursday will be full days of celebrating & sharing all that God has done. Please continue to pray!!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Power of Prayer

Today is my last day here in the Philippines... The summer has flown by and tomorrow morning I will start my journey home. First to Alabama and then home to Texas!

Last update I told you all about Nanay Charita, (she has had a stroke and is paralyzed on her left side.) My team and I have gone up to see her everyday since the first hike up the mountain, the paths have become familiar and we don't get too lost. We have loved the hike everyday, to see God's creation and to explore. I have only fallen once, on a rainy day and got covered head to toe in mud, every hike is worth it to see Nanay and her family. 

Its really hard to put the next part of the story into words. The first time we went to Nanay Charita's house we laid hands and prayed for the Lord to heal her. We prayed that if it was in the Lord's will, that he would heal her. The next day we climbed the mountain and entered the clearing of her house, I could see her smile from 100 feet away, as we approached her smile only got bigger. I didn't know what to expect. Kuya Nonoy said hello, and she began to tell him something, we sat quietly behind him. When he turned around, he had a face of shock, Nanay was able to WALK!! She said that she walked around that morning, something she had not been able to do since the stroke.

God is our healer. A women paralyzed can now walk, she had no medical help or treatments, just prayer. He healed her. He is powerful, and I'm continuously amazed at his power and grace.

Please pray for safe travels, and good health during travel.

Thank you for all your prayers, this summer has been amazing, the Lord has been at work, and your prayers have been an encouragement and comfort knowing I have each of you behind me praying and praising God for all he has done.

Here are some pictures of Masalong Salong, the first one is of our morning bible study and the others are of the mountain top bible study and our daily hikes up the mountain, which some days included many selfies, and laughs. 

The last picture is of the wonderful Women of God I have had the pleasure of spending my summer with, they have been an encouragement every day and loving on the hard ones, and I love each of them dearly! .

Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Work Has Only Begun

Lives changed. Lessons learned.We have finished our ministry here in Cebu and only have one more thing remaining....a baptism! We are getting to baptize a family that has been ministered to by the last two NTs in this area. This is amazing! We are done with revisits and our translators will be doing follow ups during August. 

Pray that our friends being baptized would continue to grow and make disciples. 
Pray that our translators can share more of the gospel with the people of peace we had summer. 
Pray that the end for us will only be the new beginning for our new brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Although we are leaving...the work has only begun.

The War

Ever since I was a little kid I've loved hearing war stories and  learning the strategy behind war. Over the course of this summer it has finally clicked within my brain as to why I have always been fixated on war and learning battle strategies. I was built and designed to fight in a war. This war is not a war between countries and it can not be fought with guns and military power. 

The battle that I fight in is a battle between the good and evil of Heaven and Hell. I am a soldier of Christ. I may feel outnumbered and outgunned by the enemy, but I do not rely on strength that is my own. I rely on the God of angel armies. He not only commands my life, but the lives of my co laborers and warriors in God's mighty army. We have many previous soldiers to learn from like Abraham, Jacob, Joshua, David, Paul, and many others throughout more modern history. 

A comforting factor in fighting in this battle is knowing that I do not fight alone in my generation. I know many in my generation, Generation X, that are taking up the cross of Christ to fight in this battle against darkness. Along with war and strategy, I also like math, so when I see the X in Generation X I see our legion of  warriors as the unknown. X in math is always unknown, just as our age of warriors is bringing an unknown strength, number, and reliance on the Lord into the next wave of battle. 

We are also a generation much like Joshua. We stand looking at a land filled with giants telling the people that the Lord will deliver our enemies unto or hands. We are unafraid of what lies ahead. We want to fight for the cause of the Lord. We are an entire generation of Joshua's ready to go wherever the Lord leads us. We are Generation X. We are the unknown. The best part of it all is that although we may be fighting a battle the war has already been  won, and we are fighting on the winning side. 

Pray that after this trip myself and the others serving this summer will serve the Lord without reservation and hesitation.
Pray that we will go in with full confidence in the Lord and share the gospel wherever light is needed.

"I consider my life worth nothing to me if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me, the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace."  Acts 20:24

Ulot Journal Entries: Jake

Jake and two of the kids from Bible Study
One thing that really touched me his summer happened the day before we left one of the barangays we were in. This one lady started crying and said, "Thank you for showing me the way to God." It really made me thankful to God that He has allowed us to be part of what He's doing to spread His Word around the world.

~ Jake

Knocks Gone Unanswered

Only 4 days left of living in Nashville! I can distinctly remember moving in to the apartment complex thinking "Eight weeks is forever and it's going to be sooooo long." Now that the end is approaching and I can speak for myself as well as the rest of my team when I say that this has been the fastest 52 days of our lives. As I reflect on all God has done through AND in me, I am awestruck. He has allowed me to meet people of all ages, colors, and languages from all over the world. However I can't help but wonder if I had missed out on any divine appointments.

From the first week in the apartment complex, children have knocked on our door asking us to come play. These knocks led to relationships built with the kids as well as their parents. The knocks led to countless meals and laughter. They have led to hours playing soccer (mostly for MaryRuth because she is a soccer phenomenon). All these opportunities have been incredible, but what about the times we were not there? Who knocked desperately when there was no one there to answer? What if we HAD been there to answer?

These wonderings have led me to appreciate the fact that our God ALWAYS answers when we knock on Heaven's door. "Knock and it will be opened to you." He answers whether we simply need to visit or are in dire need of His sweet love and encouragement. I am going to miss the precious sound of children knocking, calling me out of laziness (we have a very comfortable couch) and into their little worlds. I am grateful for a God who does not ignore our pounding on His door.

Please pray that God will bring people into the apartment complex who will answer
knocks and continue loving the children.
Pray that they will begin to knock on God's door.