Saturday, June 11, 2016

Calling All Persons of Peace

Our experiences over the past week here in Southeast Asia have shown us a small glimpse of God's sovereignty. Even in the midst of utter spiritual darkness to the Gospel of Truth, we have all been able to see God's hand at work in the people of this city.

As the first week of Ramadan comes to a close and there are millions of people being called to prayer every few hours, it is easy to be discouraged by how vast the lostness is. Even in the lostness, God is still greater. He has given us many opportunities to share the truths of His Gospel and to show the love of His Son to the people of this city. He has allowed us to disciple and encourage many national believers to share the Gospel with the people of this country.

We stand amazed at what He has already ordained for our trip, and are excited to see where He leads us in the days to come.                    
     "The cross before me, the world behind me. No turning back, no turning back."
                 -Sadhu Sundar Singh

Please pray for:

  • One of our national friends, who is a believer, to step out in obedience through baptism.
  • That we, as a team, would walk in the Spirit daily as we share the Gospel of Truth.
  • Our team member Jeremy, as he travels with national believers to share the Gospel on an unreached island.
  • That the Gospel seeds that have been sowed, will be watered and that God will soften the hearts of the lost in our city.
  • That God would be present as we continue to grow in relationships with unbelievers.

In HIS joy, peace, and love,
The Seed Sowers

Physical Strength & Health

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.  ISAIAH 40:29

Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.  3 JOHN 2
Pray that team members would maintain physical strength and health as God provides rest and nourishment to meet their needs. Pray that appropriate medical treatment may be found should the need arise.
TEAM of the DAY
Nurse 2 Nurse

Southeast Asia

A Transformed Perspective

As our first week in Indonesia winds down, our team has enjoyed being on able to reflect on how quickly our mindsets have transformed in just a few short days. 

Our first few days of orientation and adjustment made us wonder if we would ever truly feel at home here. We were concerned about the language barrier and about trying to find people of peace in such a dark place. 

Our first ministry endeavor trying to meet people on our own (without a translator) quickly made us realize just how scary it can be to try and share the Gospel. We were scared of our inadequacies and that people simply wouldn't be interested in what we were sharing. 

God overcame our fears though and we found a girl who knew English and was excited at the prospect of our friendship. That short but encouraging conversation reminded us how truly faithful God is and that we must pray for courage and boldness in everything we do. 

Please pray for our team as we continue to adjust and as we follow up with new connections that we have made. 
Pray we will never again doubt God's promises and that we will rely on prayer in every situation.
Pray our prayers will never be timid or fearful but that they will be bold and will allow God to show us how truly incredible and sovereign his is each and every day. 


Friday, June 10, 2016

Meet the Team: Riverboat Media (needs pic)

Sarah is from Texas and attends the University of Texas. Her training in film & personal compassion will help connect her with the teams and nationals that she meets. She is looking forward to filming the work God is doing & bringing it back to the States to share with others.

God Provides Friends

The Northern Thai Team has had the opportunity to go and worship at a church with other Thai Christians. Krissy was able to share her testimony with them and they really enjoyed that. After that we got to work with their Sunday school kids and play games with them and teach them some English. We had some friends come over on Tuesday so that they could work on their English so that we could build friendships with them. We have had the opportunity to make friends and share the gospel with several people this week. We are going to spend some more time with some of those friends next week. We ask that you would pray for God to just keep their hearts open to the gospel and that He would just give us the words to speak when the opportunity to speak the gospel presents itself. 

We had an amazing time worshipping with at the Thai church. God gave us this opportunity almost immediately. The Thai people loved having us there with them. The man in the second picture is Uncle Sam, he is the pastor at the church we attended, which is also held in his home.

This is "Think" and "Sooki." They came over on Tuesday for their English class. We played Scatagories with them so that they could work on learning more English words. 

We enjoyed teaching English to our friends and we are so thankful that God is allowing us to build friendships with them as well as grow closer to him.


We made it!

We finally made it and got to spend some time with our M's! We had some time to get to know them and learn a little about the culture here and some of the things that we would be doing this summer. Our team will be evangelizing in our town. We are all very excited about what The Lord is going to do with us this summer. He has already been working around us and has been showing us ways for us to present the gospel to those around us. We are all so thankful for all of the prayers going up back home. Please continue to pray that God would continue to send people our way and we can continue making friends with the Thai people. 

- Ashlyn

Spiritual Fruit

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  GALATIANS 5:22-23
Pray for team members to willingly submit daily to the work of the Holy Spirit in their own lives and for the filling of their lives with His fruit.
 TEAM of the DAY


The Calm Before the Storm

Hello everyone! This first week of our Hope and Healing Project has looked a lot different than the rest of the summer will. Starting on Monday, we begin our medical clinics, but because the teams are not here yet, we have been passing the time volunteering with local ministries and helping the missionary family that we are staying with.

Some of the days we have spent preparing for the medical teams to arrive. These days have consisted of sorting through thousands of different pills and separating them by the weeks they will be distributed.

Other days we have helped volunteer with local ministries. These have included orphanages, schools, a public hospital, home visits, and outreaching to at-risk children who live on the streets.

One day that stood out a lot to our team was this past Saturday where we had fellowship with the group of missionaries in this city. Our missionary family hosted the monthly gathering where we were able to hear about all the work God is doing through various ministries in the city. It was very encouraging to hear all that God is doing in this area.

Tomorrow we will be relocating to the missionary home in a more rural area of the country. We will be packing more pills in preparation for teams to arrive on Sunday and clinics to begin on Monday! Let the fun begin!

Prayer requests:

-For the medical teams to arrive safely
-For the medicine to arrive on time, and not be questioned by customs
-For the Kenyans that we will be serving
-For the health of the team members
-Good weather for the clinics
-For peace in our town (there have been some riots- we are safe- but it could potentially affect our ability to have the medical clinics)
-For the final week of our medical clinics: we have been told this week will be the most challenging with a lot of spiritual warfare

Walking in different shoes

To begin our training with World Relief, we participated in a refugee simulation called “Walk in our Shoes”. During the simulation, we assumed the identity of a refugee, dressed up in traditional ethnic clothing, and got to choose three items to take with us. Then, we were dropped off at a refugee family’s house where we spent the night. The next day, we had to learn how to use public transportation to navigate the city of Nashville to find several locations around the city that a refugee would need to go to (post office, library, health department, etc.).

Here is more about Noah’s experience: A Walk in our Shoes gave fresh insight into the life of refugees. The program brought me into an Iraqi home, where I was able to see Middle Eastern culture first hand. I was stunned by the love and hospitality they showed. In spite of the stigma held about the Middle East, these refugees are just as human and caring as the nicest of natural born Americans. But the definite conclusion from the intern-immersion program is that the souls are in no less need of Christ as we are, and we must love them by sharing Christ with them.

Here is more about Grace and Courtney’s experience: Our simulation began with us entering the home of a Congolese family who spoke entirely in Swahili, with the exception of a handful of English and French words. They graciously welcomed us into their home with love and acceptance, feeding us traditional African food for dinner (twice), taking us to the market, and introducing us to their neighbors and family. Through this experience we saw that even though refugees consider themselves fortunate to have come to the United States, they face many challenges once they get here. We now have a greater understanding of what refugees experience and have a deeper compassion for these precious people, and most importantly a greater desire for them to know the hope and salvation found in the Lord.

-Courtney and Noah

Getting Adjusted Part 2: Our Neighbor

A major mosque across the street
I had mentioned how our home is in an ideal location. While I don't retract this statement, one difficulty with our new home has arisen: the mosque right next to us. Everyday, five times a day, Muslims are called to prayer. Leading this time in prayer is a large megaphone speakeron top of the mosque. 

While I am sure we will soon be adjusted to this loud noise, an exception might be the early morning prayer. From 4 to 5AM, a loud prayer rings throughout the streets. While the girls seem miraculously undisturbed by this loud noise, Coty and I have been waking up every morning to it. More important than our sleep however, the call to prayer is a stark reminder that we are in a city of over three million lost souls. In contrast to passages like Revelation 7, where great multitudes are praising God, everyday here in this city people are lifting up their voices to a false god. So yes, pray that we would get sleep so we are well rested for ministry. But more importantly, pray for the people of this city. That they may know the one true God. 


Thursday, June 9, 2016

Desiring Truth

Jesus answered, "I am the way and THE TRUTH and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."  JOHN 14:6

Now this eternal life: that they may know you, the only TRUE God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.  JOHN 17:3
Pray for the unsaved peoples the teams will encounter to have an overwhelming desire to know the ONE, TRUE GOD! Pray that team members will effectively communicate Christ as the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE to the lost.

TEAM of the DAY
Embrace the Beyond

Southeast Asia

Starting Conversations

Our first Sunday in Southeast Asia, our supervisors took us to a local English speaking church. There we were able to connect with several local college students and we were amazed at how eager they were to help us with translation and outreach. 

Yesterday, we were able to use one of the students we met there, Erni, as we tried to start spiritual conversations with different women in the mall. Our minds were blown away by her enthusiasm for sharing the gospel and talking to total strangers. 

The biggest blessing of the day was the women that we met who were eager to talk about their faith as well as about Christianity. We were able to find people of peace who God and the Holy Spirit had clearly prepared for us, which was such an encouragement for all of us. 

Throughout the day yesterday, we constantly realized just how powerfully God is going to answer our prayers this summers. Each of our fears have been blown away and we can't help but wonder how on earth we ever could have doubted God's power in the first place. He has already revealed to us that He has incredible things in store for these people and we are so grateful to be part of such an amazing ministry. 

Please pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to come before us to prepare the hearts and the minds of the people we will come in contact with each day. 
Pray we will continue to boldly share with every person we meet and that our national partners will continue to be such an incredible asset throughout the summer. 


First Days in Davao City

Kate trying the durian (with whole fruit in the background)
We made it! Our team arrived in Davao last Thursday morning safe and sound. The city is a busy, energetic place with some of the nicest people living here. On Friday morning we were sent on a scavenger hunt as part of our orientation. We went around the city on jeep-neys (kind of like a public bus), talking to different people and trying various local foods. One food we tried was durian, a fruit that is popular here in the Philippines. It has a very distinct smell that is kind of stinky, and the taste is hard to describe but it is quite good.

Kate's reaction to the durian!
We also tried pandesal which is kind of like a dinner roll that many people eat. It is very good because it is usually freshly baked and cheap. Also on our scavenger hunt, we were able to share the gospel with some people who we stopped to ask directions from. They seemed to listen to what we said, and it was good for us to see some seeds planted. Later that day, we were able to hand out some tracts at a park and share Jesus’ story with a few people.
Jeep-ney Ride!

Experiencing and immersing yourself in a new culture can be exhausting and scary but also fun and exciting. Our team, I think, is experiencing a little bit of all these emotions at once. Overall, our journey so far has been full of new things and adjusting to life here. We start working in the clinic on Monday! Be on the lookout for a post about our first days in the clinic. 
Please pray that our team will continue to adjust to the culture (and the heat!) here in the Philippines. 
Also, pray that we will continue to be intentional about sharing the gospel with all those we come in contact with. 
Our team at a park in Davao

Jesus is Simply Astoundingly Beautiful.

When I think of Jesus everything is different. To me, Jesus is simply astoundingly beautiful. The more I know him, the more I want to know Him. The more I learn to be like him, the more I understand that being like him is good for me and good for the world around me -In the Land of Blue Burqas.    

This week my team and I were challeged, and the challenge was not how many people can you share the gospel with, but how can you fall in love with Jesus again. 

A question that hit near to my heart. How can I learn to love Jesus again? How can I love a man whose love for me never faded? My love is always failing, but his is never failing. 

Someone shared with us that sometimes we get so caught in trying to make other people love Jesus we forgot we need to fall in love with Jesus daily. 

So I leave you with this Bible verse everyone knows, but truly listen to the words it says 

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16 

He loved us so much that he gave part of himself to rescue us, to love us, and to give us eternal life! 

  • Please be praying for the start of Ramadan. Pray as they seek Allah that the Lord Jesus will reveal himself in dreams, and in visions to them. 
  • Pray that we have boldness to speak, and to make friends. 
  • Pray that we become still to the word of God as he continues to guide us, and that we are patient in his word. 
  • Please pray for unity because without it we can not serve as a team! 

Thank you for joining us in our journey in rediscovering who Jesus is, and his beautiful love for all of mankind! 

A Beautiful Week

This week has been eventful and we cannot get over the beauty found here in Thailand. The people are beautiful, the scenery is beautiful, and the ministry being done here in Thailand is beautiful. We visited a village and played volleyball with some of the kids where connections were made. Our team was invited to go on a walk with Thai friends and that morning our supervisor shared with them. It was incredible to be apart of that moment! Pray that the seed that was planted would grow; pray that they would understand the Gospel and respond. 

We also went to a Thai church on Sunday where we heard an amazing testimony- a whole family who once claimed Buddhism as truth came to know Christ just a few months ago. God is at work here. We have been able to connect with the teachers at the school we teach English at, we love them already! Pray that our friendships would deepen and that we would be able to share with them.

How to pray for Embrace B

So what is Embrace the Beyond all about?

We're here as tourists, hoping to get immersed in the culture and village life. We're here to see the beyond.

In our surrounding area, we know of two churches we want to visit and there are several villages the 2013 team from this island remembered. Aside from that, there's countless things for foreigners to see and countless untouched villages to meet. This first week is a difficult one for us because we have no schedule or routine. Where we go when is all up in the air. 

Our plan this week is to get some maps from the tourist office and figure out where we are starting. We will spend some time in our city, getting acclimated to the climate and used to the food (which is delicious), before heading out into the beyond. Our goal is to be out of the city by midweek, wherever that might be.

How to pray this week:

  • Pray that God would guide our decisions for where we go. With so many options, it will either be hard to choose or too easy. Let our time be focused on and guided by our good Father.
  • Pray that we would be patient with each other and the local pastor. When we don't have a schedule and we know we're here for limited time, it's easy to get frustrated with the situation and lash out at teammates. We need to remember that He is in control and our plan is only plan B.
  • Give thanks for the pastor of the church because he is allowing us to stay in their congregation house instead of paying for an expensive hotel while we figure out what we are going to do.
  • Pray for each of us individually and as a team. I know for me (Alex) at least, homesickness is starting to set in. For me and whenever it hits the rest of the team, pray that we would come together as a team and lean on one another and not get reclusive.
  • We have three native languages in our group of four, so pray that our communication through Mat (translator) is smooth and what He needs to say through us is heard through our translator.
God bless!

Meet the Team: PacRim Ag

Joshua is a 20-year-old junior at Southern Arkansas University where he studies Engineering. He is from El Dorado, Arkansas. He enjoys reading and writing. He looks forward to being able to impact the Thai people for God this summer.

Darrell is a 21-year-old student from Millington, TN. He is a senior studying Civil Engineering at the University of Memphis (Go Tigers Go!). He is a painfully awkward dancer who also loves dad jokes (Example: What do you call fake spaghetti? An im-pasta!). He loves Thai food and cannot wait to see all that God has store for him and the Thai people this summer.

Following Up With Persons of Peace

This week has been a little discouraging for the New York team. We have shared the gospel with many devout Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus and even Catholics. We have attended some follow ups with those who we believe are people of peace, but many have not answered the door, or canceled because of fear of their husbands. This has been a heavy burden on us this week. We know the grace and the love that comes when we put our faith in Jesus, and we see how much these people need that. Our hearts are broken for these people, but we know that God has a plan for them. Our job is to plant the seeds, and one day we may see the harvest.

Please pray for this Russian woman. One of our volunteer teams and Anna met her and saw her interest in who Jesus was. We gave her a film in her language and asked if she would watch it. There was a little bit of a language barrier, and she had a definite fear of her husband. She and her husband are Muslim, and she voiced to us that it is her husband's job to keep it that way. She is not allowed to talk with Americans, but makes a point to do so. Anna called her on Friday to schedule a follow up with her, and to give her a Bible in her language. She answered, and very strongly, told Anna that we could not talk to her anymore. Please pray that God would continue to work in Tina's life, and begin to convict her. Pray that she would be able to reach out to us again if it is safe, and that God would soften her husband's heart towards her.

After a day of having doors shut in their faces, Lacey and her Astoria team decided to do evangelism in a nearby park. While at the park, they met a young man named Julian. The team asked him if there was anything they could pray for him about and he immediately began to tell them about how he had done bad things to his mom, but how she loved him anyway. He told Lacey and her team that he could not tell his mom that he loved her, or hug her, because of shame from the things he had done to her. He explained that he was so amazed that she still loved him through his decisions. Lacey an her team explained that this is a lot like man's relationship with God. We do bad things, and disappoint God, but he still loves us and is willing to forgive us. They prayed for him, and he said he was going to go home and make things right with his mom. Please pray for this Man of peace. Pray for our upcoming follow ups with him, and that God would continue to change and work in his life.

As we enter into more follow ups this week, please pray that God would give us open doors and open hearts. Pray that we would find more people of peace. Pray that the Holy Spirit would be the presence of these follow ups, and that it would be His words that speak through us, not ours,

Advancing the Kingdom forever and always,
-Anna and Lacey

Meet the Team: Northern Thai Challenge

I'm sorry... we couldn't get the pic to rotate!
We are the Northern Thai Challenge team. We are all from the great state of Mississippi! Our team consists of: Alex, Krissy, Ty, Jenna, Miranda, & Ashlyn.

Alex is our team leader. He is from Ellisville and attend Jones County Junior College.

Krissy is from Petal & attends the University of Southern Mississippi.

Ty is from Ovett & attends the University of Southern Mississippi.

Jenna is from Petal and also attends the University of Southern Mississsippi.

Miranda is from Meridian and attend William Carey University.

Ashlyn is from Batesville and attend Northwest Mississippi Community College.

Thank you for all the prayers & keeping us with us this summer. We will keep you updated!


Meet the Team: Tropical Island Disciplemakers

Hello from Tingloy island! Our team consists of three Filipinos and three Americans.

  • John Paul (JP) is from Batangas City and he is a teacher. His favorite color is black and he is most excited about fully surrendering and trusting God fully.
  • Janeth is from Bantagas City and is studying education. Her favorite color is blue and she is most excited about learning more English and how God will work through us.
  • Jordan will be joining us later in the week.
  • Emily (team leader) is from Tennessee and is studying nursing. Her favorite color is purple and is most excited about building relationships with people on Tingloy and being able to share the gospel with them.
  • Maritess is from Geogia and she is studying education with minor in English. Her favorite color is yellow and is excited about seeing how the Lord will use our team to further the gospel in reaching the Filipino people in Tingloy.
  • Alex is from Tennesee and studying communication disorders. My favorite color is green and I am excited to learn more about Filipino culture and being able to love them like Christ.

Meet the Team: Embrace the Beyond B

Hello from the Embrace the Beyond B team!

We're so excited to finally be set up on our island. Our team is three incredible people and a wonderful local believer!

Josue is from South America, so his native language is Spanish. He's a fun-loving, adventurer, and he takes his Nikon everywhere, so we'll get some great pictures! He is a seminary student studying in Texas.

Anderson is also from South America, so his native language is also Spanish . He's definitely the golden retriever of the group, making sure we all get along. He is also a seminary student studying in Texas. He and Josue are some of the strongest prayer warriors you'll ever meet.

Mat (his local name is longer) is from a different island southeast of here. He's almost done studying English and he loves the Lord dearly. He's all for everything we've got planned for the summer. He's also the same age as us, so he fits right in.

Alex (myself) is a southerner from the States, and I don't speak any Spanish, so our communication is always fun. I love trying new things and exploring, and God broke my heart for the people of Southeast Asia.

Between the three of us, we're fearless in trying new things and getting immersed in the culture. We're an unlikely group of friends with only one member being a native English speaker, but God works in wondrous ways. We will have to be focused on the little things to be able to remain a strong team and be effective in our communication. We're excited to see how He uses us this summer!

Be praying for safe travelling and welcoming homes where He has been preparing persons of peace.


Meet the Team: Magical Muslim Frontliners

Jackson just finished his freshman year at Mississippi State University where he is studying studying software engineering. He is from Amarillo, Texas and is excited for his first experience sharing with the people of Southeast Asia.

Abbie is a junior at Boyce College and is majoring in Global Studies. Originally from North Carolina, she currently lives in Louisville, Kentucky and has a heart for sharing with Muslims.

Michael was born in raised in Arkansas and is now studying music education the University of Central Arkansas. This is his first trip out of the country so he is eager to serve the Lord and share with the people of Southeast Asia.

Meridyth is a junior at Baylor University and is studying international studies and religion. She is passionate about Muslims and is excited to be blessed with the opportunity to spend the entire summer serving in a new context.

Please pray for our team as we get to know each other and learn God's will for our time in Southeast Asia. 
Pray He will prepare the hearts of the people we are going to come in contact with and that we never lose sight of our purpose this summer.


Meet the Team: P52 Nashville

Starting out is our fearless team leader, Noah. He leads by keeping other’s opinions in mind, governing our different capabilities. 

Courtney is fun loving, intuitive, and is excellent at analyzing situations. 

Then there is Grace, myself. I am more laid back, excited to do anything and everything. I feel that with our organizing skills, problem solving abilities, and adaptable personalities we will balance each other out very well.

It is amazing how God forms teams and how He uses unique people to work together. I believe I can speak on the behalf of the whole team in saying that we are all expectant of the wondrous things God will do. Using small things to create a ripple that will change the world. Please pray for fruitful ministry partnerships and opportunities to build relationships with internationals in our community.

- Grace

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Great Adventure has Begun

Our team with our translators & supervisors
After 57 hours of traveling, we have arrived in the beautiful country called the Philippines. The Lord has kept us safe throughout numerous plane rides which included a 14 hour layover in LAX. We got to ride a ferry to the island we;re staying on and during this boat ride we were able to enjoy the splendor of a beautiful sunset.

Pray for Tingloy this week

Now that you know who we are let us tell you what we are doing and most importantly how you can pray!

We are here to tutor high school students in English. And through that be able to share Christ with then. We would greatly appreciate your prayer in the following areas this coming week.
  • Building relationships with people both young and old 
  • We are having English Bible story time and games with children ages 6-12. And going to beach Monday to get to know the older students that we pray will join our English tutoring once school starts next Monday.
  • There is no church or known believers on the island. Pray for salvation then discipleship, baptism, and furtherance of His Kingdom

Resist the Devil

Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.  JAMES 4:7

Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.  EPHESIANS 6:11-12

Pray for the Holy Spirit to empower the team members to stand firm and resist the evil they will come against.

TEAM of the DAY

PacRim Ag



Meet the Team: Hope & Healing

Meet Ashley! Ashley is an elementary education major at Purdue University. She is our team leader & helps us as a team stay on track & make the most of the time we have been given.

Meet Erin! Erin is a nursing major at Purdue University. She is extremely relationship & has the gift of bringing laughter to others.

Meet Drea… oh wait, that’s me!  I am a nursing major at Texas Christian University. As a nursing major, I have a heart for caring for others & will work hard to do so this summer.

We are the Hope & Healing team heading to rural Kenya. We will be working with the Church Missions Network on medical teams, childcare teams, & feeding teams. We will primarily be using these tools to now only minister to the needy, but also to draw in a net of people to share the Gospel with. Around 500-600 people will hear the Gospel each day… many of whom have never heard it before! We are so excited to be a part of God[s work in Kenya this summer.

Meet the Team: Urban Trekker

God has called the 4 of us together to serve in an urban city in Southeast Asia this summer. It is amazing how God can call 4 totally different people to serve together with a common mission on the other side of the world.

Team leader:  Coty. Attends Blue Mountain College & majoring in Christian ministry. Scared of ketchup.
MeKayla. Attends Blue Mountain College & studying Psychology. Enjoys being a cheerleader at her college.
Matthew. Attends the University of Memphis & studying International Business. Looking forward to seeing how much fried rice he can eat this summer.

We are extremely excited to be a part of God’s work this summer. But we can’t do it without prayer. Please be praying for unity within our team. Be praying for the hearts God has been preparing to hear the Gospel.

Meet the Team: Seed Sowers

Hello Everyone!
We are the Seed Sower team in Southeast Asia.

My name is David and I am the Seed Sower's team leader. I am an upcoming sophomore studying biology. My team and I have a heart for the Muslim people to see them come know Isa Al-Masih (Jesus the Messiah). I am here this summer with four other students from across the Southeast of America.

Our second team member is Jeremy who is a seminary student working on his M.Div. He adds to our team wisdom and a perspective of Scripture that we can use as we serve the people of SEA.

Next, we have Jenna who is famously known by our new friends in SEA as the girl who is from the place where Kentucky Fried Chicken originated. She adds a spark of joy and laughter to our team and  is always quick to put a smile on our faces.

Shane, a recent graduate in Accounting, loves to be the voice of stability and always offers a helping hand, not only to us as a team, but to everyone around him as well.

Our final team member, Victoria, is an upcoming senior in Social Work. She has a heart for those who are needy, especially those needy of the Gospel of grace. She adds peace and unity to our team.

As a team, we all ask that you pray for us as we pursue complete obedience to Isa Al-Masih. Pray that our hearts will be guarded from the evil one and from any discouragement meant to distract us in such a lost place. Pray that our hearts will be broken for what breaks Isa Al-Masih's.

Terima Kasih (Thank you),

The Seed Sowers

Meet the Team: Mountain Harvesters

We are in the Philippines doing door-to-door evangelism & teaching the Bible.  Our team has 4 members:
  • Emily is from Mississippi & attends William Carey University. She loves giraffes! Emily is our team leader and is great at bringing order & structure to our team. She keeps us focused!
  • Charity is from Florida & is a huge coffee drinker! She is a very good listener & has wise & encouraging advice for all of us.
  • Becca is from Tennessee & attends the University of Memphis. Becca says she could eat Mexican food everyday. Becca is a calming presence for our team… she is good at keeping us all calm in stressful situations.
  • Kenzie (that’s me!) is from Tennessee and attends University of Memphis. I love mint chocolate chip ice cream. My team mates say I keep them laughing when it would be easy to breakdown & cry.

  • That’s people’s hearts will be softened to the Good News
  • Our team to harmoniously join in the work that God is doing in the Philippines
  • Encourage local believers & churches

Getting Adjusted Part 1

View from balcony of our new home
Getting Adjusted Part 1: Our New Home At last we are finally all together at our final destination Despite jet lag, culture shock, and numerous other adjustments, the four of us have come together as a team. We have moved into our permanent residence for the summer, and it seems to be in a pretty ideal location. A popular mall is right across the street, and several English centers are just a short van ride away.

While it will take several days to feel fully settled, God has not hesitated in starting to work. To give one example, while still in the airport, I started a conversation with a student named Reyza. Last night, I encountered Reyza at an English center. Funny how God works that way! Already, we are all being invited to go places with locals. Please pray that God would continue to add and strengthen our relationships with people. And please pray that we would get adjusted to our new home. 


Meet the Team: Cam Disciplemakers

Evan & Ashleigh are the co-leaders for the Cambodian DiscipleMaker team. They are a young married couple who recently graduated from Liberty University with Master’s degrees in Global Studies (Evan) & Professional Counseling (Ashleigh). They share a burden & calling for Cambodia & the Khmer people. Evan has anew obsession with vloging our team’s everyday activities. The three major C’s in Ashleigh’s life are coffee, cats, & Christ.

Brent is a student at Truman State University majoring in Computer Science. He is praying about continuing into long-term cross-cultural work after graduation. Brent has a rockin’ sense of humor.

Harley is a student at Shorter University majoring in Religious Studies. She hopes to one day become a cross-cultural worker. Harley will be replacing her daily sweet team intake with fruit smoothies this summer.

Bethany is a student at the University of Montevallo & is an Elementary Education major. Not only does she want to educate students, but she also hopes to invest in their lives. In her spare time, she enjoys browsing through pictures of pugs dressed as humans.

Addie is a student at Shorter University and will be graduating in December. She has a passion for worship & hopes to incorporate that in her future endeavors. Addie does not have a boyfriend!

This team is excited about living life with the Khmer people, being tourists, and learning about the culture in Cambodia.

Meet the Team: Nurse 2 Nurse

Hello! The Nurse 2 Nurse team is headed to Southeast Asia for the summer. Composed of 2 nursing students, we will be spending time around a local medical university seeking to build relationships, tutor English, & ultimately share the Gospel! 

The team is comprised of Julie, a junior from Auburn University at Montgomery. She has felt led to do mission work since she was young & is exciting to be joining this team for the summer.

Autumn, the team leader, attending the University of Memphis, and will be a senior in the fall. Autumn is looking forward to returning to Southeast Asia after going on a previous trip with her church.

Both girls have enjoyed getting to know each other during orientation & are excited to see what the Lord will do this summer!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Meet the Team: Island Hoops & Healing

Hi everyone! We’re the Island Hoops & Healing team headed to the Philippines. The team met this week but we’re already like family.

Our fearless leader, Bekah, is from Tennessee & goes to the University of Memphis. She is a Senior Nursing student.

Daniel is the one who always keeps it real. He’s from Mississippi & is a senior pre-med students at eh University of Alabama.

Jacob is the team jokester. He’s studying Science Education at Auburn University.

Tori is from Illinois & is a junior Bio-med Engineering student at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee. She has a contagious laugh.

And I’m Mia, a Mississippian who just graduated from East Mississippi Community College with a degree in Healthcare Data Technology.

That’s the fam! You’ll hear from us again soon.  God Bless!


Meet the Team: P52 Louisville

Meet the team serving in Louisville, Kentucky this summer! These students are interning at Refuge Louisville to serve the local refugees.

Nikki is our team leader and graduate from the University of Georgia, spent last summer serving refugees in Nashville, Tennessee. She is so excited to see what she can learn from the Lord this time while serving in Louisville.

Micah, a recent high school graduate and Kentucky native, is dipping his toe into short-term missions to see if this is what the Lord is calling him to do long-term.

Jessica (me) is a psychology major and Spanish minor at Clayton State University. I have only been on one other missions trip that was all summer long and loved it. I am really looking forward to how the Lord will grow me this summer.

Caleb, a chemistry major at Auburn Montgomery, desires to play a part in fulfilling God's command of the Great Commission. Getting the opportunity to serve those that have been cast out of their own homes is just the beginning.

Jasmine is a sociology major at Auburn Montgomery. This girl has a lot of love and laughs to give to those that meet her. This is Jasmine's first missions trip and she is ecstatic about serving the Lord all summer long.

From left to right: Nikki, Micah, Jessica, Caleb and Jasmine

Meet the Team: Mercy Midwives

We are so excited about sharing Chris’s love with the mothers, babies, & midwives at Mercy Maternity Center in Davao City, Philippines. As student nurses, we are excited about helping in the clinic on a daily basis. There are 4 of us on the team and we want to give you a chance to get to know us & begin to pray for our team.

Amy is our team leader. She is from Georgia & a graduate of Shorter University. She hopes to go into long-term medical missions.

Kate is from Georgia & is a recent graduate of the University of North Georgia. The first birth she ever witnessed was a cow! She aspires to be an ER nurse.

Jesse Anne attends Gardner-Webb University ad is from North Carolina. She like jelly fish & peanut butter… but not together.

Carmen is from Mississippi & goes to Mississippi College. She hopes to be a midwife one day so this is a great fit for her this summer! She has 3 younger brothers & a passion for summer camps.

Prayer requests:
  • Be intentional about sharing the gospel with the women in the clinic
  • Quick adjustment to a new culture

Broken Communities

The Refuge center in South Louisville is surrounded by communities filled with refugees from all over the world. Prayer walking is such a necessity for our team this summer. Please join us in praying for our communities and families.

Meet the Team: Mountain Trek

Kennon is from South Carolina & studies at Francis Marion University. He is the team leader for the Mountain Trek team. His energy will help the team continue to share with everyone they come in contact with. He is looking forward to playing with the kids in order to share Jesus with them & connect with others in their families.

Rebecca is from North Caroline and studies at Charleston Southern University. Her easy-going attitude and energy will help the team’s dynamic throughout the summer. She is looking forward to being humbled by God and experiencing a new culture.

Joel is from Texas & studies at the University of Texas at El Paso. His heart for serving others will help him connect with his team & the people around him. He is looking forward to being used by God & growing in faith.

Stephanie is from Texas and attends Texas A&M University at Commerce. Her positivity & hospitality will be inviting & approachable as the team enters villages. She is excited to get to share God with new people.

Meet the Team: Riverboat C

Avery is the team leader of Riverboat Team C. He’s from Mississippi & studies at Union University. His natural leadership skills & ability to include others will help him mobilize his team. He is looking forward to sharing the Gospel with those who have never before heard.

Carter is from Ohio and attends Ohio State University. His enthusiasm & hard work ethic will help push his team forward. He is also excited to tell the Gospel to those who may have never heard before.

Carley is from South Carolina & studies at Anderson University. Her ability to encourage & be positive will uplift the team throughout the summer. She is looking forward to meeting the Filipino people & getting to know them on a personal level while sharing Jesus with them.

Lindsay is from Florida where she just graduated from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College. Her faith, steadfastness, & positivity will help the team stand firm in Jesus. She is looking forward to experiencing God in a new way this summer.