Friday, October 14, 2016

Team of the Week: Coffee Club (New Team!)

Use your ag background & love of coffee to help local farmers. Be involved in coffee production from the field to the cup, learning as much as possible about the coffee business. Share any skills you have with the local coffee production business staff. While in community, you can share your love of Christ with those who are waiting to hear. You will also help with a simple English camp hosted for the local farmers. As you live daily life, there will be opportunity to invest in the lives of local young people.

Your first stop will be a joint orientation with other Nehemiah Teams. Learning the skills needed to carry out your assignment as well as team building will fill these first days. At the end of the summer you will return for a joint debrief.

IMB Job #: 113217
Location: Laos
Team size: 4 guys
Field expense: $1268 plus round-trip airfare, passport costs, & required travel insurance


Dates for Summer 2017
May 29  Leader pre-training begins
June 1  Member pre-training begins
June 6  Teams travel to the field
Aug 1  Teams return for debrief
Aug 4  Students return home