Saturday, June 30, 2018

Looking forward to what comes next!

It is so amazing being here. Seeing God work in so many’s incredible. I already love these kids so much and I am so excited to see what God has in store for them. Please be praying for the kids and our team!
I love the language and the culture and the area is gorgeous. The history in the country still plays a role in it today too. But most of all seeing another country, with both its pros and it’s real-world problems, has been a great learning experience for me and very eye-opening...  I am looking forward to what comes next while I’m here!

Team Romania

When you... Daily life with the Advance Team

When you have the BEST NEWS to share...
When your AWESOME supervisor carries your NT duffle bags...
When you PROVIDE the transportation...
When you ARE the washing machine...
When you ARE the jack...
When you pick up an umbrella on the side of the road...

Pray for the Advance Team as they daily share with
those who haven't heard the GOOD NEWS
and disciple those who have.

Team of the Day: Island Castaway

Location: Philippines
Team size: 4

Job description: In the western Philippines there are many remote islands where there are very few believers. People feel like castaways: isolated and disconnected. Slow down for the summer, make friends, learn culture, share LIFE.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Joy in Repentance

Got to speak at today at a local school's chapel! By far the most people I've spoke in front of... but definitely a good experience! My main point? There is joy in repentance and God wants us to turn back toward Him. He is a forgiving and loving God no matter how much we mess up!

Pray that the students will continue to think about what they heard & that they would choose to make that turn back toward God.

Bush Boys, Botswana

Team of the Day: Camp & Community

Location: Kenya
Team size: 7

Job description: Spend the summer as a camp counselor in Kenya making a lasting impact in the lives of campers. Teach a craft or sport, perform a crazy skit, share devotions & simply be a friend to this group of international campers. Some come from Christian backgrounds and others hear about Jesus for the first time during camp. Meet each child where they are & point them to Jesus. Spend non-camp weeks partnering with local ministries serving alongside them in local communities. (Slums, building projects, rural evangelism) This is a team in partnership with a local GCC and will not be working with IMB personnel.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

100 years and counting...

The NT girls and their local partners have been doing a great job talking about the Main Thing with others. Pray for the young cousin girls they are following up with next week. 

Today a cousin lady over 100 years old got to hear the news in her heart language ❤️ She said "Lots of foreigners come by here, but no one has ever stopped to tell us stories or pray for us."

-Seed Sowers Team
Southeast Asia

Team of the Day: HE-woman

Location: Southeast Asia
Team size: 2

Job description: Join the church planting work using the Baptist Hospital as a mercy ministry to find open people. You can follow the hospital chaplains to share with patients and their families the good news of the GREAT PHYSICIAN. Medical practitioners can also
become a FRIEND and consultant to the hospital staff. The country law does not allow foreigners to practice medicine. However, you will be able to FRIEND the physicians and hospital staff with the goal of modeling and assisting how to be intentional to proclaim the WORD with patients. 

Drive 20-30 minutes from the hospital and the farming villages are 99% lost. Connected to the hospital is a Baptist nursing school and the students are from all over the country. However, 30% of them do not know the Savior. Part of your time can be used to share the Gospel with them and disciple the students on this campus on how to share their faith with others. Additionally you can visit a nearby English Village, sip coffee & tea while sharing eternal truths.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Embracing the Beyond

We didn’t know what to expect when we first landed in this country. Our trip had been very vague from the beginning: Embrace the Beyond.

“What would we be doing? How would we be doing it? Where? With who?”

These questions flooded my mind as our plane headed to the base city from which we would serve. Even when we landed things didn’t get much clearer. We were given no specific instructions, no specific needs or tasks. We were told to just go and do, wherever we felt the Spirit leading, which was in itself both incredibly exciting and equally intimidating.

Team of the Day: Toronto Summer

Location: Canada
Team size: 3

Job description: The greater Toronto area is one of the most diverse urban centers in the world. 50% of the population was born outside of Canada. As one of the most post-Christian cities in North America, this city sees itself as environmentally responsible, tolerant & justice oriented. It has a "Good without God" attitude that clashes with the non-Christian faith of many immigrants. 

As a part of the local team you will: go through disciple making training, lead disciple making training for locals & volunteer teams, be a part of outreaches in parks, camps, block parties & young adult events.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Update from Toronto

I arrived here on Tuesday, June 12th, after a week of orientation and training in Alabama, which I’m so thankful to have been able to attend (even though it was a week of sleeping on the floor and using porta-potties, lol).

The missionaries we are working with in Toronto (who are amazing and a huge answer to prayer) picked us up from the airport and took us straight to where we are staying for the first two weeks of the summer. It’s right next door to their own home, where their neighbor rents out their basement for people vacationing in the Greater Toronto Area. We’re in the Scarborough area, and in the span of about 5 minutes, we can walk from our door to the shore of Lake Ontario! It’s such a huge blessing to be able to walk right out the door and see such a beautiful example of God’s creativity and perfect design.

You may already know that spending my summer serving in Canada was not my first choice (I had more “adventurous” places in mind), but simply through the placement process as well as the preparation to come here, the Lord pointed out some things in myself, and challenged whether I was really willing to be obedient to go wherever He wanted to send me, or if I was only willing to go if it was somewhere that fit my personal preference. Please pray with me that the Lord continues to use circumstances this summer to weed out my flesh and make me look more like Him! 

Something I didn’t know about Toronto: there are 57 unreached people groups (2% or less are evangelical Christian) and 34 of those groups are unengaged, unreached people groups (no known evangelical Christians, and no one is actively seeking to engage them with the Gospel) in the Greater Toronto Area. THIS IS BIG. Believers in Toronto have the opportunity to find these people groups and actively seek to witness to them and to be light in their communities so that these statistics can change. For so many years, the only possible way to reach these unengaged people groups was to journey deep into the bush, or jungle, or wherever, learn their language and live with them. THIS IS STILL NECESSARY for many people groups all over the world. But because of how our world is now, metropolitan areas especially have the potential to reach these once hard-to-reach people groups in their own cities, and these once nearly impossible to reach peoples are more geographically accessible than ever before. 

This summer, my team and I will be serving in many different ways- devoting time to engaging students at two different universities, coming alongside a church plant to aid them in engaging its community, as well as getting to participate in the beginning stages of a new church plant in a town just outside of Toronto called Bowmanville. These are all aspects of ministry that I’m so interested in and passionate about, which is just further evidence that the Lord definitely knew what He was doing when He surprised me with Toronto. 

The Lord is sovereign and good. He has a plan and that plan is good too. Please pray with me that I can fully walk in the authority of His Spirit and be continuously bold to share about the God who pulled me from my brokenness and sent me back to share with others, so that they too can have peace and joy in His presence. 

My teammates and I are memorizing verses this summer, and one of them so far that has not yet failed to remind me of not only why I’m serving in Toronto, but also why I serve anywhere in any context at all, is Acts 20:24,
I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me- the task of testifying to the Gospel of God’s grace.

Lastly, I hope this encourages you to take notice of the people around you in your own communities- people who are broken and looking for a way out of that brokenness. Please send me any prayer needs you have, I’d love to be praying for you in the same way I trust you’re praying for me and the team here! There's so much happening here, so if you have any questions about anything I’m doing here, please feel free to write me and ask!

Toronto Summer

Team of the Day: Batangas Sports

Location: Philippines
Team size: 2

Job description: The team will play basketball in unreached communities of Batangas to gather the young men & build relationships with them, hanging out after the games & talking, visiting in their homes to share the Gospel. 

Gather youth for events such as team building, movie showings, & true Love Waits to share the Gospel & make disciples.The team will also work on university campuses in Batangas City where less than 2% know Jesus Christ. Use skills such as teaching self-assertiveness & self-defense classes. Approximately 80% of the girls are molested or raped by the time they reach college age. Girls need to know how to set boundaries & stand up for themselves. Through these training sessions, build relationships with the students with the intent of sharing about a relationships with Christ & discipling them. As you build relationships, make them thirsty to know Christ & how they can know Him like you do.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Tropical Harvesters team checking in...

Hey friends! I have been in the Philippines for about a week and a half and it has been amazing to see all that the Lord has done so far in the village we are staying in. We are in a village in the mountains for the next two weeks (we are in the city for the day) and village life has been hard but so sweet! 

I have seen the Lord work in the lives of the people there but please pray for our friends that the blinders of these cult religions would be removed and they would truly see Jesus and the truth of the Gospel. There's only one name by which we can be saved so please plead with the Father with me that these people may come to know Christ! 

We will head to a nearby island in a couple weeks for our last part of the summer! Thank you all for the support, God has been so faithful!

Tropical Harvesters, Philippines

Becoming like family

We have grown close to these sisters in the short time we've been here. They even took us to a family-only celebration and wedding.
Be in prayer as we pursue gospel conversations with our new friends.

Homeschool Teacher Team, Southeast Asia

Team of the Day: City Talk English

Location: Thailand
Team size: 5

Job description: With a partner you will teach classes in local universities & vocational colleges. These classes are a fun & engaging way for you to meet an important need in Bangkok while building relationships & sharing the Gospel.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Life with Tropical Harvesters

Had a great few days with the Tropical Harvester girls! These girls are tough- hiking to their area in the mud!  Leave it to the girls team to be organized and hardworkin'!

Team with their national partners

Team of the Day: Tourist on Mission

Location: Indonesia
Team size: 2

Job description: Students will serve varying roles with a common goal: to bring about gospel conversations & discipleship. Work closely with national partners who will likely be seminary students currently working to engage various UPGs while discipling other believers. Environment will vary between an urban university context and rural/jungle settings. You will be a tourist, traveling with a national student to engage & disciple.