Monday, September 12, 2011

Adopt A People Group, and Start Praying NOW!

What is a people group?
It is a group of people who have the same language, culture, history, customs and family/clan identities. For strategic purposes, a people group is the largest group through which the gospel can flow without encountering significant barriers of understanding and acceptance.

Adopt to Pray

There are many who are untouched by the Gospel and have little opportunity to hear about Jesus. Your church can adopt a specific people group for whom you can begin to pray intentionally and passionately. As we are partnering together to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth, we are engaged in spiritual warfare so prayer is key! If you lead your church to adopt a people group for ongoing prayer, you can pray for:
      •Barriers to the Gospel to be broken down
      •God to send more laborers to the field to reach them
      •God to prepare hearts of the peoples to receive Him
      •Any missionaries that may be working among that people group
To learn more about adopting a people group for prayer, go to PRAYERthreads.

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