Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Hands On Students Needed!!

Students are needed to fill strategic opportunities in Southeast Asia during spring 2020 through the IMB's Hands On program. Click on the links below if you'd like more information... or email us. Most of these positions will be working with supervisors who have requested Nehemiah Teams for the summer.

Dates: February 3 - August 8, 2020
Application Deadline: October 15, 2019
Cost: $3950

Media Network Volunteer- Thailand (11855) 
The Media Network Volunteer role is to participate in IMB's Media Network through the volunteer's media, marketing, communications, and/or technology skills, experience and insights; as well as to enrich the IMB Media Network community through their participation. The work is designed to further the task of partnering with churches to empower missionary teams who are making disciples and multiplying churches among unreached peoples and places for the glory of God. More details or to apply...

National Student Mobilizer- Philippines (12236)  
Every mission movement in modern history has begun with college students. Be involved in a nationwide movement of reaching the lost & raising up the next generation of missionaries, both American & Filipino. More details or to apply...

Student Evangelist/Speech Therapist  (12310)
Come be a part of a team reaching the lost in Southeast Asia. You will have opportunities to meet incredible people and see amazing sights in this tropical setting. There are opportunities every day to meet with Muslim university and high school students and discuss with them who Jesus is and how He has changed your life. Besides this opportunity to share your life with students, you can be a part of a team who is doing the same in our city of almost 5 million people. You will also have opportunity to use your skills/interest in Speech Therapy to bless a family serving on the field. More details or to apply...

HomeSchool Teacher  (12315)
Mom and Dad are looking for someone to come and volunteer, teaching 3rd & 8th grades. The curriculum will be provided. Our children have been home schooled since pre-K. Mom and Dad run a preschool in the local country while overseeing church planting efforts. In order to free up Mom and Dad's time for the preschool and church planting efforts a volunteer with some teaching experience is needed. More details or to apply...

Urban Risk Taker  (12656)
In our city of 3.5 million there are people from all walks of life who are trapped in darkness. We need students who are ready, able, and eager to get creative and look for ways to engage our city with the Gospel. You will have opportunities to build relationships with young adults through an English language community. They are waiting to be your friends and hear about the Hope that's only found in Jesus. Though personal conversations over dinner, music, games, sports, etc. you will have the opportunity to make friends and share Truth. Through an outreach ministry and employment center for victims of human trafficking you can apply your gifts and skills to make a difference in the lives of these women and children. Other ministries may include prison ministry, working with street kids, deaf ministry, and exploring the streets of the city looking for open doors. Beyond these opportunities, we want you to discover how God wants to use you in a unique way to impact our city. Volunteers need to be disciplined and self-motivated to complete this important task.  More details or to apply...

Student Center Gospel Spreading Team- Philippines  (13313)
Come, work near a college campus & see what God can do through you! Students are open to hearing the Good News, especially if they can practice their English. Make a difference in their lives this semester. Team will work at a student center near a college in Daet. The only public college in the area, many students come from outlying areas to study. Spend time with small groups that you could disciple & mentor as they grow in their faith. Additional ministry opportunity could include paving the trail for a Disciple-Making Movement among the Deaf with Daet as a central training base.  More details or to apply...

Eco-Tourism Consultant- Indonesia  (13555)
You will be based on an island as a guest of an adventure tour company, working with the local guides and exploring remote areas. At times, you will backpack around small tropical islands, live in local homes, and share the love of Christ with those you encounter. You'll hike village to village, and as you experience everyday life with these people & share meals with them, you will have opportunities to share about the Bread of Life. You will be some of the only Americans on these remote, "Ends of the Earth" islands. If living on a tropical island in a laid-back culture, shopping in the local market, eating fresh seafood (and lot of rice!) every day, and enjoying year-round summer, while sharing the Good News to a people group that has zero believers sounds appealing to you, then this is the trip for you!  More details or to apply...

Ag & Animal Husbandry Consultant- Indonesia  (13556)

pend the semester on a trip like none other. You will be based on an island working with an agriculture & goat farm business. They need help as they set up the business to be successful for many years to come with expertise in working with animals & agriculture. At times you will join a team & backpack around small tropical islands, live in local homes & share the love of Christ with those you encounter. You'll hike village to village, and as you experience everyday life with these people and share meals with them, you will have opportunities to share about the Bread of Life. You will be some of the only Americans on these remove "Ends of the Earth" islands. If living on a tropical island in a laid-back culture, shopping in the local market, eating fresh seafood (and lots of rice!) every day, and enjoying year-round summer, while sharing the Good News to a people group that has zero believers sounds appealing to you, then this is the job for you!  More details to to apply...

Wednesday, August 7, 2019


Finding happiness in things the world is telling you not to. 

This summer we learned to die to ourselves through bucket baths, no air conditioning, bugs, and hiking mountains to experience the joy of sharing the Gospel to those who had never heard before. 

I’ll miss the people, the motorcycles, the mangoes for sure, but I’ll especially miss that we don’t get to see first hand how God makes the seeds that were planted this summer grow!

Advance Team

Friday, August 2, 2019

From the Laborers of Your Field

God, we were Your gardeners
We brought forth our best tools
Most righteous deeds but filthy rags
How could you use such fools?

God, we were Your gardeners
Bound to see what You would do
We tilled the ground and planted seeds
But Father, nothing grew.

God, we were Your gardeners
Watered these people with our tears
Our hearts were shattered, seeds still scattered
Who knew deep roots took years?

God, we were Your gardeners
This ground is hard as clay
With hope we trust, in faith we must
Rejoice, share, teach & pray.

God, we were Your gardeners
Wanting to bring you flowers & bouquets
Instead we'll lift these empty hands
Accept, dear Lord, our praise.

City Talk English Team

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

A Jewel in Southeast Asia

One of the first days on this new island, we were excited to go out and explore. Surrounded by beauty we were ready to see all that God would do. We headed out to find people. Ten minutes into our walk we happened across a barber shop where a few women sat in front smiling and calling to us. This was enough of an invitation for us to go over and chat with them. 

I spoke with the different women about their lives, looking but struggling to find an open door to share the gospel. Just as I began to think we should give up and move on, our translator encouraged me to keep asking questions. Praise God that I did not walk away in those moments! Eventually one of the women *Jewel ended up sharing that she had Christian relatives who had taken her to church a few times and had told her about the story of Jesus. Not only had she heard but her heart would break every time she heard the story of Christ crucified and would cry. She said that each time she heard this story it broke her heart but her Christian family told her to remain in her own religion, Islam. As we began to go deeper we asked if we could go to her house to continue talking.

As we sat in her house which consisted of “kitchen”, bedroom and bathroom all in one room, we discussed more about all that Christ’s crucifixion means for us. She agreed that this story is true and she fully believed. We asked her if she knew all that this meant, that following Christ means turning from sins, and other idols and accepting Jesus as our Lord. After going through all that this meant, we led her in prayer asking for forgiveness of sin, confessing that Jesus is Lord who died and was resurrected to pay for our sins. 

We studied John 1 with Jewel two times after she accepted Christ. She had already downloaded the Bible App on her phone, and was experiencing push back from her Muslim community who were suspicious of us visiting at her house. She stood firm in her new faith, seeming not to be afraid of confrontation. We went through the 10 Commandments in Exodus, explained prayer, the importance of reading scripture, worship and sharing her faith. When we visited her the second time she said she had been reading every day in John and felt a peace she couldn’t explain. It was the most encouraging experience of our trip out. Pray for Jewel and her family as they grow in their new faith!

Ex & Ev Team
Southeast Asia

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The End of the Beginning (The End of Me)

My time as an active member of Nehemiah Teams is running short. As of July 31, 9:01 P.M. (CST), I will no longer be on my short-term mission trip. Orientation. Travel. Ministry. Breaks. Debrief. It will all be over. There will be many friends who I may not see again until we all get to Heaven.

The thing is, I am excited to taken my first step into obeying God’s Great Commission. Once our debrief is over, everyone will go their own separate ways, and I will too.

However, at least for me, I am not going back to being the same Christian Townson. Right before we left the Philippines, another Nehemiah Teamer asked me, “So describe your summer in two sentences.” I went with my gut reaction. This is what I said.

“I learned how to die to myself.”

The old me loved and tried to glorify God in everything he did, but his earthly goals sometimes took precedence over God’s will. He was looking for ways to improve HIS life, HIS situation, and to accomplish HIS goals. Even though this was not done with malicious intent, my mindset became an obstacle in the way of seeing what God wanted me to do and how He wanted to use me.

At the beginning of the summer, Psalm 37:4 was my favorite verse. “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” I still love that verse, but after this summer, I think that Acts 20:24 fills my heart with a greater joy than any other verse I have read up to this point in my life.

I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me- the task of testifying to the gospel of God’s grace.

My life is worth nothing if I am not living for God and telling others about His love and His mercy, and how Much it is worth to follow Jesus and live life on purpose for the Lord.

Truthfully, this was one of the greatest summers of my life. If I could have stayed for a few more months, I would have taken them up on that offer. The most satisfied I am with my life is when I am glorifying God, telling others about His Good News and seeing them understand what that means. Also, being with other followers of Jesus with World Christian mindset rejuvenated my passion for cross-cultural missions. I do not know what role God is going to put me in for long-term missions, so I’m just gonna go until God tells me to stop.

Please pray for every Nehemiah Team member to take the Great Commission seriously as we leave Nehemiah Teams. I love Nehemiah Teams as much as anyone, but the world will not be won to Christ with short-term missions. We need mobilizers and goers to take on the challenge of spreading Jesus’s name to the ends of the Earth. 

Pray for any national partner/supervisor/cross-cultural worker who we have left. They needed us for a reason, so pray that we were effective enough and laid a foundation for them to reap the harvest.

Pray for every Christian in the world, including you, the person reading this article. How are you participating in God’s Great Commission? Are you doing anything? The Great Commission is for EVERYONE, not for a select few.

I want to thank everyone who helped me on my journey to Nehemiah Teams 2019. I want to specifically thank my parents and brother for being supportive and constantly encouraging me to love the Lord more than them. I know that’s hard, but there will be people in Heaven because my team went this summer.

So, this isn’t THE end. It’s just the end of the beginning...the end of me.

Tropical Harvester Team (Journey)

Monday, July 29, 2019

Bush Missionary: Good Bye!

What an amazing group of people. We had to say goodbye to these people who we love and have become family. This team gave so much and worked extremely hard for the past two months with us in Kaabong. They are humble servants and their love for the unreached and our KJ people is contagious. We sure will miss them and their amazing attitudes. Nehemiah Teams is awesome and I would highly recommend them to anybody who needs more information. A shout out to Laekan for recommending and working it all out for them to get here. We absolutely love these guys and their hearts!

-Selvin & Laurel
Field Supervisor, Bush Supervisor
Bush Missionary team ready to travel

Butuan City area teams: Good Bye!

A great way to say good-bye to friends & national partners.... share a huge pizza! 
Pray for our national partners as some will be returning to the areas where we worked this summer to follow up on new believers. 

-Tropical Harvesters Teams
Island Ministry Team
Butuan City, Philippines