Sunday, December 11, 2016

Week of Prayer: Day 8

Layla Murphy

Layla Murphy didn’t set out to be a teacher in Southeast Asia. But spiritual hunger for God’s word among the people to whom God called her has shaped her ministry and fine-tuned her focus.  Read more & watch video

  • PRAY God will continue to bring students who want to grow in their knowledge and love of Christ and that they will also be willing to share their faith with their countrymen.
  • PRAY for immigrant factory workers, who have come to earn money to send back to families in their homeland, that while they’re “strangers in a strange land” they would gain spiritual freedom by becoming followers of Jesus.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Week of Prayer: Day 7

Bethany Amber

When Bethany Amber’s parents felt God’s call as missionaries to South Africa, their high school daughter wasn’t just along for the ride. See how she touches the lives of South African children in her own unique way.  Read more & watch video

  • PRAY for Bethany as she finishes her high school education. Her switch from South African schools to the American educational system requires her to squeeze two years’ work into a year and a half to prepare for college in the United States.
  • PRAY for her South African friends from the school she’s left, that their relationships would continue and she can continue to be Christ’s light in their lives.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Week of Prayer: Day 6

Cregg Family

Darkness often reigns in megacity life. One missionary family in South Asia, however, has cause for hope for individuals in the city of 22 million where they live. Read more & watch video

  • PRAY for women in the red-light areas of the city, that Christians can impact their lives and help them find a way out.
  • PRAY for Christians within the business community of this megacity of 22 million as they actively share the gospel in their places of work.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Week of Prayer: Day 5

Dove Family

As Zack and Jennifer Dove work to encourage church plants in their part of Norway, their boys are adept at opening doors to relationships. Prayer, though, is the real key.  Read more & watch video

  • PRAY for the new church plant in Sandefjord, as believers there reach out to the community and draw seekers into something fresh.
  • PRAY for the house church in nearby T√łnsberg as believers there boldly share their faith and for a multiplying movement to take hold.
  • PRAY for an awakening and revival among existing believers: that they would see fruit through sharing their faith and seeing people follow Jesus.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Week of Prayer: Day 4

Haun Family

Death often comes to the rural hospital where Dr. Heidi Haun practices. But she and husband William have planted their lives in Ghana not just to bring physical healing, but to testify to Christ’s love and salvation, all the more pressing when life hangs in the balance. Read more & watch video

  • PRAY for wisdom and strength for the national medical staff and administration of the Baptist Medical Centre as they serve an overwhelming number of patients every day.
  • PRAY Heidi and William will manage time wisely to avoid exhaustion and burnout as they work their time-consuming jobs in surgery and media.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Week of Prayer: Day 3

David & Hanna's Story
David and Hanna Harris* grew up in Baptist churches, but these days they visit Jewish synagogues, study Hebrew, and take part in Passover meals. As IMB Journeymen they moved from their small town in Kentucky to a megacity in South America to share gospel truth with Jews living there. Part of the process is learning the language and culture of those they’ve come to reach.  Watch video
The center celebrates Jewish holidays such as Purim and Passover, but always uses the opportunities to bridge to New Testament gospel truths.
Since the first Jews immigrated to this city in the nineteenth century, there has been a thriving community, now numbering more than 200,000. The Harrises, both 25, work at a Messianic Center in the heart of the Jewish community. The center celebrates Jewish holidays such as Purim and Passover, but always uses the opportunities to bridge to New Testament gospel truths. David and Hanna hope that “the veil will be removed from their eyes, and that the truth of the Messiah be made abundantly clear to them.”
  • PRAY Jewish leaders will come to know Jesus. If the leaders come to know Jesus, it would radically change the community.
  • PRAY for the equipping of Messianic Jews, those who have embraced Jesus, so they will learn how to share the truth of the Messiah with their people.

*Names changed

Monday, December 5, 2016

Week of Prayer: Day 2

The Copland Family

Nick and Shannan Copland use modern tools to meet people and forge relationships in the ancient Italian city of Verona.
Through websites they’ve established, Nick and Shannan, IMB workers, find common ground on social media for “meet-ups” with people who share interests—outdoor life and Italian cuisine being two. Relationships are natural keys in sharing spiritual truth, especially in a postmodern city like Verona—beautiful and wealthy but spiritually impoverished. Friendships formed during mountain hikes or evening meals often lead to sharing about Christ.  Read more & Watch video
Their “meet-ups” have become popular, resulting in Nick and Shannan being tagged locally as the couple who bring people together.
Friendships formed during mountain hikes or evening meals often lead to sharing about Christ.
  • PRAY for Nick and Shannan as they continue to build relationships and share their lives in this northern Italian city.
  • PRAY the Coplands would understand where best to focus their energy and efforts as they balance several ministry initiatives.