Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Zimbabwe Daily Life

A few pictures into our daily life here in Zimbabwe....

Pray for the Outreach Bulawayo team as they finish up their last 10 days on the field. Pray for fruitful ministry & good times of saying "good bye" to new friends.


We were able to go back this week to a nearby village that we visited before. While we were there before, there was a man who said he wanted to follow Jesus. We were able to visit him this week and he still has amulets, incense and idols. 
Pray that he would worship God alone and get rid of these things! 

We were also able to visit with a women who is paralyzed from the waist down and she decided to trust Jesus as her Savior. While we were there she also took off her amulets which meant she knew she no longer had to be afraid of evil spirits because Jesus has power over evil spirits. (Most Buddhists wear bracelets or necklaces called amulets that they believed protect them from evil spirits.) 
Pray for her that she would continue to seek knowing Jesus every day and the local believers would disciple her. 
Pray for Jesus to heal her from her paralysis!

Thai Village Outreach Team

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Finishing Strong

As the Island Magic team completes their first week of ministry in their mountain village, the team is already seeing fruit and has been able to establish numerous daily Bible studies across the barangay. In addition, they have been discipling current believers in their area.              Pray for energy and wisdom as the team continues to share the gospel with the remainder of the barangay over the next 2 weeks.
Island Magic Team

Power over Darkness

We were walking along the road in a village one afternoon. Most people were coming back from their farms, and people were beginning to come out and sit with their neighbors in small gazebos.

We were praying for people to come up to us to talk so that we could share with them. We walked past two women who waved as we walked by. We continued walking, but I got a feeling that we should go back and talk to them. 
The Spirit knew more than we did about the hearts of those we were walking past. We walked up & they invited us to sit with them. We began talking. I noticed that one of the women had a root pinned to her shirt. I asked her about it. She told us that there is an old belief when women in the village are pregnant they wear these roots pinned on their shirts, so evil forces would be kept away and their babies would be healthy.

We asked if they believed that their god was more powerful than the evil spirits. They told us yes, but insisted that they still needed to wear the root. 

The story of the Legion came to my mind so I began to tell the women the story of how the Son has power over evil spirits. I led the story to the Good News and was able to share with the women. 

One of the women was very interested and listened intently, but others had begun talking among themselves, ignoring what we were sharing. We faced this response often, and it made it difficult to share, but in that moment I knew that a few of them had heard the Good News, and the Father is faithful to open hearts and reveal Himself to people. He has promised one from every tribe, tongue, and nation, and I trust that He is faithful to His promises.

Pray for the women who heard the Good News, for the seeds that were planted in their hearts. 
Pray that they will want to know more about the One who has power over all evil. 

Ex & Ev Team
Southeast Asia

Last few weeks in Bicol

This week we had our second church service with 11 adults and 8 children attending. They all thanked us for being there and sharing the gospel. They don't want us to leave and that makes it even harder to start saying goodbye. We are still trucking with all of our Bible studies. No one has stopped attending and they ask us to come back more and more! The Lord is doing amazing things in this barangay! We are mentoring a young man that we baptized last week. He is excited to continue ministry once we leave but is sad to see us go. 
Please pray that he is able to continue and be encouraged after we leave.

As the summer comes to an end, please pray that all of us are given a clear calling for our futures and missions. This has opened many doors for all of us and we want to respond to what God is calling us to do in our lives. Pray for boldness and encouragement for us all.

Teach, Heal & Hoops Team
Bicol, Philippines

Monday, July 15, 2019

Final Weeks

There is a Sudanese family who lives in this apartment complex. Christie and I teach the mom English twice a week, and a guy from our house church meets regularly with the dad for English. Christie and I also get together with their three daughters at least once a week and get to love on them. The wife and daughters are very open to the gospel, but they are Muslims because her husband is a Muslim. They are a sweet family and it would be amazing to see them become followers of Jesus. They have heard stories from the Bible a lot from the English lessons and other conversation. 
Pray for the husband, that he will be open to the gospel like the rest of his family, and they will all become followers of Jesus. 

-P52 Memphis Team

Jeremiah 29:11

Week five on Mindanao has been full of new beginnings. The team was relocated once again to the center of a village with close to no evangelical Christians. The team began ministry work by going house to house bringing the gospel to those willing to listen. They came across one woman who felt especially hopeless. 

Ate T has been partially blind for almost two years. Her past relationships have been less than healthy, and not at all gratifying to God. Through tears, Ate explained that she believed God was punishing her for her past through her blindness. The team proceeded to explain to her that the God we believe in knows no evil, and isn’t capable of inflicting pain onto His children. They pointed her to Jeremiah 29:11, explaining that all of the Lords plans are good, and that Jesus wants to use her affliction to further His kingdom in some way. Ate fell apart as she began to further understand how good Jesus is and how much hope can be found in His name. That afternoon, she decided to place her faith in Jesus and trust in His promise to work everything out for the good of the kingdom.
Please pray for open hearts and open doors so that more opportunities like this may be possible. 
Pray that the decisions to follow Him would be genuine and would prompt those who know to tell about what they know. 
Pray that the Lord would continue to keep those here in the Philippines healthy so that these last few weeks may be as effective as possible. 

-Tropical Harvesters Team