Monday, April 23, 2012


WHO are they? The primary means of livelihood for the Pancana people is farming,
with corn as their primary crop. Other than corn, they also grow sweet potatoes, sugar
cane, other vegetables, tobacco, and coffee. The Pancana people practice migratory
agriculture (shifting from one field to another), mainly because they cannot maintain the
soil's fertility in their existing fields due to inadequate farming methods. New farmland is
opened by cutting down trees and burning the underbrush, this is the very common
"slash-and-burn" method. Their houses are spread out over land that has been cleared
for farming. Their houses are built on raised platforms 1.5-2 meters high. The Pancana
make their houses out of plaited thatch with very high roofs.

WHERE do they live? The Pancana people (also known as the Kapontori) live on
Buton island, located in the eastern part of the Province of South-East Sulawesi.

HOW many? 6,600

WHAT do they worship? Almost all Pancana people practice Sunni Islam. Even so,
traditional beliefs and animism have an important role in their lives. They will often
employ the services of a dukun (shaman/healer/occultist) for a variety of services, such
as healing illnesses, cursing enemies, and bringing good fortune to individuals and the