Thursday, November 29, 2012


Krysten served on a medical team in the Philippines.
What has God taught you about himself this summer?

This summer has taught me a lot about God. How wonderful and present He is. That He wants to know everything about you and you are wonderfully made. How He loves everyone and wants everyone to know Him in a personal relationship. Also, I have learned that God is a jealous God yet a very loving God. That I can't just brush Him off until I have a time where I'm really struggling, but I need to everyday have a time for Him and it's just Him and Me talking.

How have you changed this summer?

This summer has changed me by the way I look at things. That everything I am doing now, the choices I make, are going to affect my future. I have learned that prayer is VERY important. This summer has really opened my eyes to God and that He is really there and that He really wants a relationship with me. That he wants every part of me.