Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blessings Along the Way

Wishing you could fit into your child's backpack? Looking for ways to bless a young person from your church who has signed up for a summer mission trip? Here is 5 easy ways to love on your Nehemiah-er even from miles away!

1. Write dated notes for them to open as the time goes by; whether it is daily or weekly your words of encouragement will speak peace to their soul and remind them of your prayer support!

2. Follow their blogs. Comment on their posts. Like their pics on Facebook. Post on their walls or email them telling them that you have not forgotten them, that you are being faithful in praying for them.

3. Take a picture holding a sign that tells them how you feel...whether you miss them, love them, or just want them to remember you are praying. Hide it in their Bible, suitcase, or post it Facebook and tag them in it as a pleasant surprise for when they log in! A little bit of encouragement goes a long way!

4. Buy a journal and randomly write encouraging notes, Scripture, and quotes throughout it. This is a great practical gift because it is small, compact, and easy to pack and will be a great place for them to write down their experiences from their trip.

5. Find out their packing list and bless them with an item that they need. Tell them that every time they use that item that it is a reminder that they have friends and family at home supporting them in prayer.