Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Team of the Week: Refugee School

This summer you can help change the lives of refugees from an unreached people group. After escaping from their home country, these young people traveled & spent time in other Asian countries before they finally found a home in South Korea. In partnership with a GCC, your team will connect with these students by living with them, teaching them English & life skills. Make an impact by showing them that there really is a God who loves them.
IMB Job #: 110713  More info!!
Location: South Korea
Team size: 1 team of 4
Field expense:  $695 + round-trip airfare, required travel insurance, passport costs, etc.

Dates for Summer 2015
April 1: Deadline for applications
May 28: Member orientation begins
June 2: Teams travel to the field
July 28: Teams return for debrief
July 31: Students return home

Monday, February 23, 2015

Quotes from the Heart: Chasing Destinie

This past summer, I resided in the Philippines for two months.  It was tough, I was gross most of the time, but it taught me how to love.  The lessons I learned were also tough and gross.  For example, I learned how to hand wash five people’s laundry (even the good stuff, such as undies) in a river before 6:30 AM.  I learned how to rub out stains to the point of blisters and keep smiling.  I learned how to hop from boat to boat; this lesson was a little harder as I took a tumble into the river a time or two and got some pretty sweet bruises.
I learned how to cook white rice, almost to perfection courtesy of some awesome translators.  I learned sleeping off the ground isn’t actually necessary for a good’s night rest, because “sweet is the sleep of a laborer, whether he eats little or much (Ecc 5:12a).”  But more important than all these physically challenging lessons, Jesus met me to show some pretty extravagant lessons.  These were lessons I thought I learned, and maybe I had.  Maybe Jesus just needed to refresh my memory.  That’s the thing with Jesus.  He can refresh your memory, and it is a whole new experience, refreshing and sweet.  His lessons are sometimes bitter to the taste, but we continue to taste until we eventually get to the sweet.  Here’s some of the sweet.

God knew who I was when He called me to career missions.  I’ve known that.  I’ve come to terms with it.  But it is a little harder to believe when your heart’s desire is wicked and you can’t seem to bear another day sharing the gospel.  This lesson was given to me about three weeks into my time there.  The same schedule, the same people, the same Bible study.  I was so sick of it.  I was so sick of being dirty and so sick of those I was ministering to.  I felt they “didn’t deserve the gospel.”  They despised us, so I felt I could despise them back.  It was here that I began to hear whispers, untrue whispers.  “If you’re called to missions, how are you already weary of opposition?  You’re only 2 weeks in, and you can’t wait to pack your bags and grab a 14 hour flight.  It’s pitiful, really.  You say you love Jesus and want to make Him known in a cross cultural way, but it’s clear you’re not cut out for this.”

One night after thinking this over a couple of days, I questioned God.
How is it that I am called abroad, but I can’t bear going to yet another Bible study.  God, am I really supposed to commit my life to this?  If I can’t handle three weeks, how can I handle years?  I understand you’ll be there, but I think we got our wires crossed somewhere.  I think you actually said I’m called to do a lot of short terms.  That sounds right.  You’ve just been silent for so long.
Here is an excerpt from my journal detailing how God was faithful in His word to bring comfort.
This place is so miserable, but we have been motivated by it to continue only through His strength.  God has taught me several things in this baranguy.  1)  I need to soften my heart towards those I’m around.  In Matthew 13 Iv’e been reading the parable of the wheat and the weeds.  I must be okay with growing alongside those who will never accept Him until the day of reaping.  2)  I must be diligent. –from the parable of the unleavened bread and the yeast.  A small amount of yeast takes a lot of work to work through the flour, but after it is done thoroughly will rise all the bread.  3)  I don’t need to understand why I’m not as “spiritual and bold” with those in Bible study.  I’m Mark 4:26-29, I’ve learned we don’t know everything, and seeds grow because that’s what they’re made to do.  I need only have compassion and be diligent in my work for Him as this persecution will probably continue.
Now how does that secure that I’m to continue on in the hopes of becoming a long term cross cultural disciple maker?  Because God taught me those things in such a beautiful way.  I was by a beautiful, slow moving river as the sun set.  My hunger was satisfied with rice and soy sauce.  I heard the breeze shiver its ways through the palm trees as I heard God speak.  But where was He speaking?  On the other side of the globe.  “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”  I’ve never heard a voice as clearly speak into my soul as I have heard Jesus’ when I struggle.  If Jesus’ voice is made plain to me on the other side of the globe, that is where I will follow Him.  If Jesus’ voice is made plain to me down the street, that is where I will follow Him.  His voice is the compass to navigate the map of uncertainty, and personally His voice calls from across the globe asking me to follow.  His hand stretches from across the ocean to reach me in my need and one day I must trust His arm to carry me across that ocean.  Then His hand will reach from down the street to guide me, all the while making disciples as I go.

God confirmed my calling abroad, but He continues to confirm it each day in the way He has molded me to love adventure.  It’s in the way He is teaching me to make disciples of Him, not of doctrine or morals.  His disciples are made from love, and He shows me more about love each day than I can even detect.

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