Friday, November 17, 2017

Team in Focus: Self-Defense Instructor

IMB job #: 114308

Location: Philippines
Team size: 4
Field expense: $938

Team will work on university campuses in Batangas City where less than 2% know Jesus Christ. Use skills such as teaching self-assertiveness & self-defense classes. Approximately 80% of the girls are molested or raped by the time they reach college age. Girls need to know how to set boundaries & stand up for themselves. Through these training sessions, you can build relationships with the students with the intent of sharing about a relationship  with Christ & discipling them. As you build relationships, make them thirsty to know Christ & how they can know Him like you do.

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Dates for Summer 2017
June 4  Team leader training begins (Alabama)
June 7  Team member training begins (Alabama)
June 12  Teams deploy to the field
Aug 1  Teams return to US for debrief (Alabama)
Aug 4  Teams return home