Monday, October 1, 2018

Hands On Opportunities

Interested in spending a semester in Southeast Asia? Students are needed to fill the following teams. (Most teams will help supervise Nehemiah Teams during June & July.)
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8371  Mountain Farm Intern  (Southeast Asia)
Living in the Golden Triangle, you will be working to engage unreached peoples through agriculture & community development projects. Farm work is hard but can reap a bountiful harvest!

8447  National Mobilizer  (Philippines)
Every mission movement in modern history has begun with college students. Be involved in a nationwide movement of reaching the lost & raising up the next generation of missionaries, both American & Filipino.

8443  Urban Risk Taker   (Southeast Asia)
In our city of 3.5 million there are people from all walks of life who are trapped in darkness. We need students who are ready, able, and eager to get creative and look for ways to engage our city with the Gospel. You will have opportunities to build relationships with young adults through an English language community. They are waiting to be your friends and hear about the Hope that's only found in Jesus. Though personal conversations over dinner, music, games, sports, etc. you will have the opportunity to make friends and share Truth. Through an outreach ministry and employment center for victims of human trafficking you can apply your gifts and skills to make a difference in the lives of these women and children. Other ministries may include prison ministry, working with street kids, deaf ministry, and exploring the streets of the city looking for open doors. Beyond these opportunities, we want you to discover how God wants to use you in a unique way to impact our city. Volunteers need to be disciplined and self-motivated to complete this important task.

8555  Mountain Men Reaching Hindus  (Southeast Asia)
Doing EV and discipleship with Nepali Hindus by teaching English, sports, and some trekking to villages.

8729  Gospel Spreading   (Philippines)
Come, work on a college campus & see what God can do through you! Students are open to hearing the Good News, especially if they can practice their English. Make a difference in their lives this semester. Team will work in a college in Daet where less than 2% know Jesus Christ. The only public college in the area, many students come from outlying areas to study. The goal? For them to become Christ followers, taking the Gospel back to their hometown. Spend time with small groups of believers that you could disciple & mentor as they grow in their faith. Additional ministry opportunity could include paving the trail for a Disciple-Making Movement among the Deaf in Camarines Norte.
9008  Homeschool Teacher  (Southeast Asia)
Mom and Dad are looking for someone to come and volunteer, teaching 2nd & 7th grades. The curriculum will be provided. Our children have been home schooled since pre-K. Mom and Dad run a preschool in the local country while overseeing church planting efforts. In order to free up Mom and Dad's time for the preschool and church planting efforts a volunteer with some teaching experience is needed.

Dates for 2019
Feburary 11  Arrive @ orientation site
February 15  Travel to assignment location
August 6  Arrive @ debrief site
August 9  Arrive home