Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Encounter the unpredictable... endure the predictable

I was looking back through my journal for this year and ran across this entry from February 23rd.  It encouraged me and I pray it encourages you and puts more iron in our souls as we follow Him.

"Reading back through the highlights of Walking with Bilbo. It talks about simply sticking to the path.  Along this path we encounter the unpredictable and we endure the predictable; both take great courage and faith.  If we finish what God has called us to do, we must move forward trusting in times of obscurity and doing the mundane tasks over and over.  The doors will eventually open.  We are under the dragon spell when we are jealous or hurt for being overlooked.  

Sometimes there is no clear cut ending to various chapters of our story and we often wonder what God is up to.
Will He bring our adventure to a good end?

I must keep up my hobbitry of heart (this is what Tolkien wrote to his son who was fighting in WWII).  All stories feel like this when you are in them, but it is faith in God who finishes what he starts and brings our story to a happy ending.  This is not about us, but about His purposes.  So if you are feeling a little uneasy about the details of following Jesus, take heart.  That is how I feel at times; faint at heart, dis-heartened, but God will strengthen our hearts along the way.   

Let us stick to the path He has showed us: To lead young people to finish the Great Commission in this Generation!  He will help us encounter the unpredictable and endure the predictable.