Monday, September 7, 2015

Meet Annie!

Meet Annie. I called her Ate Annie all summer. (Because when you call someone 'Ate' in the Philippines it means that she is your big sister and it is a sign of respect!)

Ate Annie showed me so much... Her love and desire to follow Christ is like none other I have seen. She helped change my passions, my desires, and how I look at everyday life. She is full of wisdom and Christ's love!!

Please pray for her as she mobilizes the Philippines!

2015 Bicol

Note:  Annie and 3 others (2 Filipinos & 1 American) are serving on a Traveling Team for the next several months. In partnership with the Mindanao/Visayas Convention, they are conducting mission & evangelism seminars & mobilizing young people to serve on Filipino Nehemiah Teams. Each of the team members has to raise their own support. Email us if you'd like more info on how you can support this team.