Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Team of the Week: Kingdom Fly Fishing

Job description: Use the sport of fly fishing to access some of the beautiful rivers, lakes & seas of Southeast Asia. Even more exciting, you will be using your fly fishing skills to be fishers of men. Our target population is conservative Muslim but has a long history as a group of fishing villages. There are no known believers in our area of 1 million people. Share stories of the Bible, your personal testimony, spiritual surveying, & the Gospel story presentations. Fly fishing, local club fly tying, prayer walking, local area mapping & searching for open people to share with. 

IMB job #: 114578 
Location: Southeast Asia
Team size:  8 membersss
Field expense:  $2089


Dates for Summer 2017
June 4  Team leader training begins (Alabama)
June 7  Team member training begins (Alabama)
June 12  Teams deploy for the field
Aug 1  Teams return to US for debrief (Alabama)
Aug 4  Teams return home