Saturday, December 9, 2017

LMCO Day 7: What God Has Done

Dilara’s* heart nearly jumped out of her chest when she found the building. She had seen it in a dream—Jesus had picked her up from her bed one night and led her there through the streets of her Central Asian town. In the dream, He had asked her if she was ready to believe, and she’d seen three men standing in the front of the church. When she found the building a few weeks later and walked inside, she was greeted by one of those men. Today, she’s a believer.

Like with Dilara, in every corner of the world, God is drawing hearts to Himself in amazing ways.

Just ask the woman in Southeast Asia healed from partial deafness after an IMB missionary prayed over her. Or ask the dad in France who believed after a “chance” encounter with a follower of Christ at his son’s soccer game. Or ask the man in Slovenia struggling with mental illness who cried out to God and now is living a life surrendered to Jesus. Though the ground can be hard, stories of miracles and changed lives abound.

  • PRAY for God to continue to work in mysterious ways in the lives of people all over the world.
  • PRAY for hearts from every people group to be drawn to worship Jesus.

*Name changed