Saturday, October 17, 2015

Team of the Week: Tip of the Spear

GO into a new area to build relationships and give a verbal witness while demonstrating a life witness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Be a bringer of light this summer!

The team will work a new region that has very little opportunity to hear the Gospel. This country is less than 1% evangelical Christians. There are large areas and communities without a credible Gospel witness. Your team will be sent into this area to build relationships and give a verbal witness as well as demonstrate a life witness.

This country doesn't allow evangelism, missions trips or missionaries. You will be tourists seeking to understand the culture and enjoy the natural beauty. You will operate very independently from long term personnel for security reasons. You will be gathering data for long-term personnel and national partners about the local communities and places of "light" and "darkness," names of seekers and believers, and making an assessment of the communities' receptivity to the Gospel.

IMB Job #: 111886, 111887, 111888
Location:  Southeast Asia
Team size:  Each request needs 2 team members
Field expense: $1499 plus round trip airfare, passport & visa costs, and required travel insurance


Dates for Summer 2016
May 23  Team leader orientation begins
May 26  Team member orientation begins
May 31  Teams leave for the field
July 26  Teams arrive back for debrief
July 29  Students return home

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

It is not just an overseas project...

Has it really been over two months?? It's hard to believe I survived being this far away from Africa for this long. It is so crazy to think that a place I was only in for two months has completely taken my heart. It hurts to be away from Africa. It is literally taking my breath away to look back at these pictures and recall the brokenness and yet beauty, the poor and yet rich, the sorrow and yet joy that a camera lens cannot capture. I was blessed beyond measure to be able to experience all that I did. 

Even though I want more than anything to go back right now, I know God is using me here where I am and teaching me what I need to learn. It has not been an easy transition these past few months coming back to the states with losing a few things I had before I left, hearing unexpected news that is completely life changing (which I am very excited about), and being in a culture that once was my whole life and now is foreign to me. But, God is sovereign and faithful and He knows what He's doing with me. "He's got this," is what I am constantly telling myself throughout each day.

And how could I forget the people around me? They need Jesus just as much as an orphan in Africa does, believe it or not. How can I be an overseas missionary if I cannot even turn to my current neighbor and tell them about Jesus? It is just not an overseas project, it is a lifestyle I must live daily, no matter where I am. I cannot wait to go love on the people on my campus today. 


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Sunday, October 11, 2015

How Heaven Became Real

“I’m here because the gospel reached me through their obedience to go… to send… to pray.  I’m here because God used others to share His story."

Waray Riverboat 2014

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