Monday, November 16, 2015

Traveling Team: Via Sound Waves

Annie & Mich behind the microphone
It was great to let the people hear that a love that lasts forever could only be found in Jesus!

A dream come true & a memorable experience for the two of us. We were invited as guests at one of the broadcasting stations on southern Mindanao. The segment was entitled Straight to the Heart which deals with the commons issues faced by the youth.

Naniniwala ka ba sa forever?- a most commonly asked question nowadays. One of us said, "Yes" and one said, "No."

But in the end, both had agreed to one conclusion. On earth, there is only a long & lasting relationship as long as there is trust & a choice to love each other despite each other's differences which only death can set them apart.

But forever is real. there is forever in love. Because One Great Man, who knows the highest form of love, gave His life willingly and sacrificially for all men; One whose blood was shed on the cross so that all of us who believe in & receive Him will experience that love forever.

-Mich & Annie
Nehemiah Teams Traveling Team

We love because He first loved us.  -1 John 4:19