Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Get whipped into shape!

Not sure what to do this summer? Why not go on mission?! 
Nehemiah Teams is an incredible organization that sends college students all over Asia, Africa, and more! God has used Nehemiah Teams to not only change the lives of those that students reach on the field, but God has used it to personally change my life. Before going through NT, I knew I wanted to be a missionary, but I had no idea how little I cared about lost. I had no idea how little I cared about reading God's word and talking to God. When I went on Nehemiah Teams, just the orientation was enough to whip me into shape spiritually and emotionally. NT helped me realize how much I lacked a personal relationship with Jesus. It helped me to grow so much closer with Him, and it allowed me to be used by God to help others find Jesus Christ.
Go!! You won't regret it. If anything, just apply and see what God does!