Friday, October 21, 2016

Team of the Week: Nurse 2 Nurse

As an American nursing student you will seek to engage & build relationships with national nursing students at a local medical university... especially those in the Advanced Nursing Program who are staying on campus this summer to improve their English skills. Perhaps you'll have the opportunity to host an English club. All of this with the goal of sharing the Gospel with students, building life-long friendships, and helping the students improve their English. Applicants must already be admitted into a nursing program.  (National nursing classes are 99% female.)

IMB Job #: 113121
Location:  Southeast Asia
Team size: 6
Field expense: $2206 plus round trip airfare, immunizations, required travel insurance, passport & visa costs, etc.


Dates for summer 2017
May 29: Leader pre-field training begins
June 1: Member pre-field training begins
June 6: Teams depart for assignment
August 1: Teams return for debrief
August 4: Students return home