Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Is Jesus Enough?

Recently, I got home from a trip in Southeast Asia. This trip was amazing in so many ways. One of the most amazing ways was the fact that I got to spend so much uninterrupted time with the Lord in His Word and in prayer. I was addicted to God. I was so excited to get back into my life so that I could draw even closer to Him and make my every day life all about Him. Well, here I am, two months later, and I seem to have no time for Him. I have chosen not to do quiet time in the mornings because I hate mornings. So then when I do it throughout the day, that is fine, but there's always something I have to do that I am squeezing time for God in the middle of. Then, there's the nights. Some nights now I don't get back until very late and every time I actually get to sit down and do it, somehow I get interrupted, in one way or another.

I am reminded of one night while I was in Southeast Asia. I was talking with a man who had years ago converted to Christianity. He didn't want to share his faith because he was scared of persecution, but I got to encourage him and ask, "Is Jesus worth it?" It was a very exciting night for me. It really challenged me to ask myself, "Is Jesus worth leaving behind all that I have and all that I am to follow Him into the great unknown?" The answer was always yes. The answer will always be yes.

Here is where it gets difficult. Now that I have been home for a while, it has been hard "to squeeze" Him into my social life, and that is horrible because He has always been so faithful, so good, and I love Him so much. I would never want to neglect Him in any way! He is my God and my Friend and my Savior and my Redeemer and He deserves more than 10 minutes from me every day.  He deserves my all in all. Jesus is worth that.

So now since I have asked and answered "Is Jesus worth it," I must ask, "Is Jesus enough?"

Is Jesus enough? Is He enough when my prayers aren't being answered? Is He enough when my cell phone battery is fully charged? Is He enough when I've got all the friends I could ever want? Is He enough when I have to change my major? Is He enough even when life is going great for me?

Is He enough when times are hard? Is He enough that my faith move the mountains? Is He enough that my love be poured out on others?  Is He enough that I must endure hardship and be persecuted so that others may hear and live?

Is Jesus enough? Ha. More like "Jesus is enough." Every day, He is enough for me.


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