Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Fun facts from Max

A few things:

1. Corned Beef and Rice is my new favorite meal.
2. I miss my mom.
3. God is not only moving in the lives of the Filipinos, but is moving in my life as well!

Romans 10:14-15

NT365 Gap Year
Team Camiguin

LMCO Week of Prayer: Day 3

Across the 2,000 inhabited islands of more than 7,600 that make up the Philippines, is a vast spiritual darkness. People are not only trapped by the islands, but trapped in their sin — separated from God because many have not yet heard the life-saving gospel. Read more...

An update on summer 2022 Nehemiah Teams. 

Monday, December 5, 2022

LMCO Week of Prayer: Day 2

Word spread quickly in this North African town. A medical clinic arrived, and anyone is welcome. Setting up in a local church gave some people pause, but free healthcare is hard to turn down.
Security guards sent by the local government wander close by. They are used to keeping a close watch on activities hosted by Christians. Read more...

Sunday, December 4, 2022

True Thankfulness

We were able to celebrate Thanksgiving with local friends, teaching them about who we are thankful to- JESUS, as well as the company workers! It was amazing for us to have fellowship with believers and also share our culture with nationals.

Our local night market trips have been successful for meeting people, but that doesn’t come without the struggle of the language barrier. A few of us have been taking language classes and have been slowly understanding and translating. Pray that the Father would continue to supply us with the strength to carry on and the boldness to share!

-NT365 Girls Team
Southeast Asia

LMCO Week of Prayer: Day 1

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth and everything in them. And it was good, until it wasn’t. Since those fateful moments in the garden, creation has suffered the consequences of sin while humanity has perished, living a hope-deprived life far from God. But God, in His grace, made redemption possible through Jesus Christ. And through His gospel we declare that the lost are found, dead are brought to life and hope is renewed. Read more...

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Saturday, December 3, 2022

A Church Home

Please pray for our host, Nanay L. Pray that she will take a stand in her faith despite the persecution & opposition she has been facing for allowing us to stay with her. Nanay L is really a blessing to us and we witness how God is revealing to her the truth of Jesus and the Bible. We are praying the Lord will use her home as the start of a church in this village. 

-Team Camiguin

LMCO Week of Prayer... Join us!!

We pray for missions around the world

Every day, 157,690 people enter eternity without the hope of Jesus. Please join us for the next 8 days as we observe the Week of Prayer for International Missions, where Southern Baptists pray for IMB missionaries, their ministries and the unreached people and places they serve.

It's been our privilege to serve Southern Baptists as IMB missionaries in the Philippines since May 1993. You have been our lifeline for many years! From the vehicle we drive, to the homes we've lived in, to the education our kids received, to the resources used to purchase Bibles & training materials... YOU have been our partner in reaching the Philippines and beyond with the Good News of Jesus Christ. It's true... the greatest problem in our world is LOSTNESS. We are thankful there is more LIGHT in the Philippines because you give & you pray for us. Thank you for your partnership!

-Jess & Wendy Jennings
Philippines & the South Pacific