Saturday, August 6, 2016

What Overwhelms You?

At Nehemiah Teams debrief we are asked to come up with a one sentence response to the question "How was your summer?" My answer? "It was powerful, because the Lord showed me that even in the darkest and hardest places His light shines and His kingdom comes."
Though I am overwhelmed by the lostness and darkness of Laos, I am even more overwhelmed by the Lord's patience, kindness, love, and mercy. We truly serve a good, good Father who will never forsake us or the people of Laos. The task in reaching Laos is great, but our God is greater. The Lord is in Laos. The Lao people are His people, not the enemy's. There will be Lao people worshipping Him for all eternity (see Rev. 7:9). Thank you Lord for a life-changing summer, and most importantly thank You for who You are.

-Jacob B., Village Homestay Team