Thursday, July 12, 2018

Emptiness of their Actions

One of the things we do consistently is host an English Camp every Tuesday at the church for the refugees here in the city. This camp is an opportunity for the children and parents to practice English, but more than that it allows the believing refugees to reach out to their neighbors and have more intentional relationships. While Paige and I are working with the kids, our supervisors are able to have conversation with the parents. This has led to friendships that continue outside of camp with the hopes of sharing the Good News. 

Since being here, we have been able to see how the people live their lives: in the city, in the village, and some of the refugees. We have seen and experienced the darkness & lostness around us in a way that neither of us have experienced before. I had the opportunity to share my testimony with a girl about my age while at one of the local mosques. When I told her that salvation is a free gift from the Father and that she did not have to work for it, she seemed as though she couldn’t understand how that was so. The concept of salvation by grace through faith is so foreign to these people.

Paige recalled: “It is just seeing how people live and what they spend their time on. They put so much energy and time into things that  have no eternal value, like going to mosques. But they don’t realize the emptiness of their actions...”

It has been amazing and challenging being here. The Father is teaching us so much. We pray that He will open the hearts of the people here and that His Spirit will move. 

- Juliana
Seed Sowers, Southeast Asia