Friday, July 13, 2018

They can change the world!

There is a massive amount of poverty among the people we are serving. At first, it was easy to overlook. The business of the birthing room paired with the fact we rarely see our patients outside of the clinic makes it easy just to care for mom and baby and move on to the next patient. Gradually though, God began to reveal to me how incredibly unique He makes each person. 

Every mom and baby comes from a different background. God has designed each child amazingly unique. No one has ever entered this world, and no one is going to come after that's going to impact it exactly like this child. 

As this idea began to take root in my heart, I began to genuinely love the women and babies that we're serving here at the Maternity Center (before, while I cared, it seemed shallow in comparison). I feel sincerely blessed to witness and assist with births. I get to be the first person to see these new little people that God has so intricately designed! 

As this love grows, my desire to pray with and for these women and to share the Gospel with them grows as well. I desperately want them to know the God that loves them and values them beyond anything that they have ever known. I want them to see that they are valued in not only the ways that I serve them during a routine prenatal or postpartum exam, but also in my willingness to pray for them and share with them how much they are loved by Jesus.

Mercy Midwives, Philippines