Saturday, July 28, 2018

Look What God Can Do.... through Alex too!

3 summers ago, I embarked on a journey to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe for my first summer missions trip where I was given this little book to read for the first time. Who knew something so small could make such a difference in my life?! 

It is crazy to think how vastly different my life is now. I have gone through a lot these past 3 years: moving states twice, transferring universities, 2 summer missions terms, a summer youth internship, losing my grandmother, moving countries for a season, meeting so many new and beautiful people, making amazing friends, losing some friends along the way, traveling to my 6th continent, and following Jesus to the best of my ability. Each of these hold both good and bad memories. Through all the change, the loss, the gain, the failures, and the triumphs, I did not always know how to handle it all, nor did I always execute it all gracefully. But through reading this book and the constant scripture referenced throughout it, I was able to read about God’s Word coming to life in the lives of past and present warriors of my faith. 

I read about ordinary people like William Carey, a shoe cobbler, being unsettled about the reality of lostness and dedicated to his part in doing something about it. 

I read about Lottie Moon, a very small, seemingly insignificant woman, creating a new definition for the word “servanthood” and who Southern Baptist name our annual Lottie Moon Christmas Offering after. 

I read about Jim Elliot, a young man with a young family, who’s bravery and faith let to martyrdom and influenced hundreds, maybe even thousands, to follow Jesus’ command to complete the great commission. 

I’ve read this tiny book too many times to count. Each time I read it, it becomes more and more evident that this book was written about people who were ordinary, simply human, and sinful- much like myself! And yet, look what God can do! They had complete faith to trust God and follow Him to wherever He may lead. They had weaknesses just like the rest of us. As the Bible says, His power is made perfect in weakness. To me, this is life-changing! This is such good news! 

He knows we are going to fail sometimes. He knows our deepest hurts, thoughts, desires, sorrows, joys, and failures and He uses all of it for His glory and for the nations to be drawn to Himself. Right now for me, as much as I want to succeed at everything, I’m sure I will fail many, many more times. But, His power is made perfect in my weaknesses. The craziest thing is, more change is coming! I literally have no clue what the next chapter of my life will hold, and that’s okay. God knows. And if there’s anything I learned from reading about all those amazing Missionaries, it’s that when we follow Christ, life will be worth while. God used a William, a Lottie, and a Jim. He can use an Alex too.

Look What God Can Do is available through Amazon