Friday, July 6, 2018

Let the Little Children Come... without bugs

Our team is spending the summer on Dinagat Island in the southern Philippines. Currently, our home is an unused pregnancy clinic... I say "currently" because there are several pregnant women here that look like they won't be pregnant for much longer!

This past Sunday we went to a small Baptist church. My team mate Christian spoke about how we should let the little children come as Jesus did. Later that night, a gang of little children ran into our rooms, trying to scare us with a huge beetle they had found. Christian told our national team mate/translator, "Rafael... tell them to get out! Tell them they better not let that thing loose!"

Rafael responded, "Didn't you just say, 'Let the little children come?'"  We've been joking about that ever since.

Island Ministry, Philippines

As we move to a new location for the next several weeks, pray for the seeds that have been planted in our first location. Pray for those who will be doing follow up in this area.