Saturday, July 14, 2018

Team of the Day: Advance Team

Location: Philippines
Team size: 2

Job description: Several years ago, the tribal group in this area had few believers and no churches. But no more. Come, encourage the new believers and help advance the Gospel to unreached villages.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Team of the Day: Seed Sower

Location: Indonesia
Team size: 2

Job description: Hub City is home to over 2000 refugees from the Middle East. A national partner started a church & it's been amazing to see the Lord draw these Muslim background followers of Jesus to Himself. The team will serve through an English Summer Camp as a trial to see if a school for refugee children is a possibility. Help recruit refugees to the new camp, planning lessons & activities, helping teach children of all ages English 2-3 days a week with the possibility of weekly adult classes. Primary purpose of the English classes are to build relationships AND share the Gospel with the families that come.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

They can change the world!

There is a massive amount of poverty among the people we are serving. At first, it was easy to overlook. The business of the birthing room paired with the fact we rarely see our patients outside of the clinic makes it easy just to care for mom and baby and move on to the next patient. Gradually though, God began to reveal to me how incredibly unique He makes each person. 

Every mom and baby comes from a different background. God has designed each child amazingly unique. No one has ever entered this world, and no one is going to come after that's going to impact it exactly like this child. 

As this idea began to take root in my heart, I began to genuinely love the women and babies that we're serving here at the Maternity Center (before, while I cared, it seemed shallow in comparison). I feel sincerely blessed to witness and assist with births. I get to be the first person to see these new little people that God has so intricately designed! 

As this love grows, my desire to pray with and for these women and to share the Gospel with them grows as well. I desperately want them to know the God that loves them and values them beyond anything that they have ever known. I want them to see that they are valued in not only the ways that I serve them during a routine prenatal or postpartum exam, but also in my willingness to pray for them and share with them how much they are loved by Jesus.

Mercy Midwives, Philippines

It's been a great week!

The reality of how short the time we have left is hitting us... Pray for focus and endurance for us! 

We are looking for more opportunities to serve outside of our usual schedule... Pray for doors to be opened!

We are working in groups of children and in all honesty, it’s hard to have one-on-one gospel conversations... Pray for persons of peace and opportunities for conversations.

Team Romania

Team of the Day: Stand in the Gap

Location: Philippines
Team size: 2

Job description: Over the last 40 years the Philippines has been a tremendous harvest field. This mission field is becoming a "mission force." Partner with a national supervisor to help finish taking the Gospel to the unreached & hard to reach. No IMB missionary is assigned to these places. Your team will help fill a gap where more harvesters are needed. Spend half the summer in the northwestern part of Mindanao going to small towns & rural villages. Many of these still don't have an evangelical church. The 2nd half of the summer will be spent on the island of Siquijor, known to be controlled by Satan through witchcraft.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Refreshed & Ready to finish!

Two of our teams got to take their mid summer break together! 
Pray as they travel today (Thursday) to new areas of ministry for the rest of the summer.
Pray for open hearts as they share the Good News in some hard places.

IMB Journeyman 

Emptiness of their Actions

One of the things we do consistently is host an English Camp every Tuesday at the church for the refugees here in the city. This camp is an opportunity for the children and parents to practice English, but more than that it allows the believing refugees to reach out to their neighbors and have more intentional relationships. While Paige and I are working with the kids, our supervisors are able to have conversation with the parents. This has led to friendships that continue outside of camp with the hopes of sharing the Good News. 

Since being here, we have been able to see how the people live their lives: in the city, in the village, and some of the refugees. We have seen and experienced the darkness & lostness around us in a way that neither of us have experienced before. I had the opportunity to share my testimony with a girl about my age while at one of the local mosques. When I told her that salvation is a free gift from the Father and that she did not have to work for it, she seemed as though she couldn’t understand how that was so. The concept of salvation by grace through faith is so foreign to these people.

Paige recalled: “It is just seeing how people live and what they spend their time on. They put so much energy and time into things that  have no eternal value, like going to mosques. But they don’t realize the emptiness of their actions...”

It has been amazing and challenging being here. The Father is teaching us so much. We pray that He will open the hearts of the people here and that His Spirit will move. 

- Juliana
Seed Sowers, Southeast Asia

Team of the Day: Freedom House

Location: Southeast Asia
Team size: 2

Job description: Freedom House is a shelter for women who have made the decision to exit prostitution and start a new life. Many of these women have children, so the families are able to stay together as they step out of the unknown. We need someone to "do life" with these women, as well as oversee the daily operations of the house. Bridge between the daily life of the ladies in the house and the supervisors, who are unable to spend every day on site. Spend your days facilitating their schedule, teaching classes, tutoring and babysitting their children, helping them make plans for life after the Freedom House
program, leading Bible studies, encouraging them, menu planning, shopping, and basically doing whatever it takes to provide the best care for their ladies and their kids. You will also have opportunity to teach English & other skills at our employment center for exploited women.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

So many need to hear

Please lift up our NT girls as they have been out sharing. 

Please pray for open hearts and open doors and that they will be lead by the Spirit as they are out. So many women and girls in our city need to hear the Good News.

-Seed Sowers, Southeast Asia

Team of the Day: Homeschool Teacher

Location: Southeast Asia
Team size: 1

Job description: Teacher needed to homeschool multiple younger elementary students (ages 4, 6, 7, 9). Detailed curriculum is provided with classroom time of 4-5 hours daily. Opportunities will be available to be involved in Kingdom work during non-classroom hours.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Open Doors

Half the summer is gone, and these guys are still serving our Lord faithfully. We have seen God open up places that have been closed for a long time. We have also seen doors close that we thought were open. The Lord has continued to show His faithfulness, and these guys have continued to share His good news faithfully.

Continue to pray for the open doors and that we will boldly walk through them.

Team of the Day: Tropical Harvesters

Location: Philippines
Team size: 4

Job description: Travel by jeepney and motorcyle into remote villages along the Agusan River & on the island of Socorro to share your life and His story. They are ready. Are you?? In partnership with nationals, continue to push into areas where the church doesn't exist yet. Encourage local believers by joining their harvest force... going from village to village, sharing about the greatest story ever told.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Part of the family

As of today (July 7), we have 24 days left in Thailand. One week will be spent in southern Thailand, and three days of it will be in northern Thailand. This being said, I only have one week of classes left teaching here in BKK! This seems very overwhelming, yet really excited to see how the Lord is going to work through us in our time remaining here.
He has already shown us so much from putting students in our path that we can form friendships with to showing us the city life is for us. To placing us here in BKK with great people who love the Lord and their families yet are choosing to live here intentionally. These families are individually amazing because despite their own sin struggles or difficulties with family members and raising kids they CHOOSE to live here among the Thai people so a great need of people knowing English will be filled while also telling them who the Savior-King is. I have such high respect for each couple here. They have truly treated us like family- even cooked for us on the 4th of July so we would feel a little more at home. Countless times they have given us rides places and sitting in the back hearing the chatter among the kids and the parents makes me feel apart of the family.
Lord, Thank you for designing the body of Christ in the way that when we aren’t physically with our loved ones back home we still feel part of a family because of the blood of Christ. 🙏🏻❤️🙌🏼🇹🇭
Pray for us today as we are able to further connect with students! 
Please continue to pray for the missionaries here and for perseverance. 
Teaching everyday concepts in English: TRAFFIC!

Thank you for all of your love, support, and prayers!
City Talk English Team, Thailand

Team of the Day: Whatever it Takes for Cambodia

Location: Cambodia
Team size: 3

Job description: Teach English to elementary & high school students, tutor or teach music, training other teachers in children's ministry, teach art, play soccer or other sports. All of these will give you an entry point to build relationships and open doors to share the Gospel.