Saturday, July 21, 2018

Team of the Day: Bush Boys

Location: Botswana
Team size: 2

Job description: We are looking at reaching the cities as well as rural areas here in Botswana. We will use children's ministry, youth outreach, Sports Evangelism, Prayer Walking, Evangelism, etc. to share the Gospel. We will partner with local Batswana youth in order to reach their cities and villages with the Gospel. The Baptist Convention is trying to plant one church in every village and youth ministry is a valuable part of the overall strategy.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Team of the Day: Preschool VBS & Prayer

Location: Southeast Asia
Team size: 5

Job description: In partnership with a foreign owned preschool, conduct 5 weeks of preschool VBS. 150 students (ages 3-5) with many non-believing staff. You will develop & teach a curriculum that will share God's love & His creation & redemption for the world. Other weeks will be spent prayer walking & exploring nearby rural provinces. These strategic area need the Gospel and work has been slow. Help prepare the soil & hearts to receive the Good News.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Team of the Day: Making Disciples in Cambodia

Location: Cambodia
Team size: 2

Job description: Cambodia is a nation still recovering from the national genocide of the late 1970's. Because of the millions who died in that era, the youth of today are TRULY the future of Cambodia. Approximately 75% of the population is under the age of 30. Less than 1% know Christ. This team will labor in sharing the Gospel, building relationships, communicating Christ, disciplining young believers, and forming small groups for the purpose of making Christ known among the Cambodian youth population.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Team of the Day: Teach, Hoops, & Heal

Location: Philippines
Team size: 5

Job description: Calling for passionate Jesus followers interested in teaching & healing! Jesus taught & healed to draw people into His kingdom. You can too! Your task is to search for persons of peace. By telling Bible stories, you present the Gospel in a non-threatening way. Healthcare is a bridge to get into new villages & homes. Healthcare involves praying for the sick, taking blood pressure & temperatures, and doing first aid. Guys are especially needed to reach out to the men: play basketball, work alongside them, hang out & discuss spiritual things.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A New Sister

Exciting news! Last week we met for a study with one of the local followers here in a coffee shop. We invited the barista there to join us and she did. We were all able to share with her and she is now a follower!! She even came to the service Sunday morning!! We ask for continued prayers for this new sister. 

We have now moved on to the next town and ask for your prayers through this new adjustment. 

Embrace the Beyond
Southeast Asia

Learning while helping

Spent the past week helping Lobatse Baptist Church prep for a women's conference! We got to help cook, clean, cut firewood, and help slaughter a cow! We learned a lot about how the Batswana cook and do things traditionally. Then we topped off the week by camping in the Kalahari!

Bush Boys, Botswana

Team of the Day: Sports Engagement

Location: Laos
Team size: 2

Job description: An opportunity is open through sports to enter an area of Laos that has been unengaged with the Gospel. The smallest & poorest province in the country is undergoing development in the main center yet the rural districts remain much the same as they did hundreds of years ago. A door has opened in this area through a sports business; an artificial turf soccer field as well as other sports courts that have been installed & rented out to paying customers. The primary goal would be assigning in the running & maintaining of the business platform. Also organizing 2 2-week long sports camps (basketball & soccer) and district wide soccer tournament for all ages. Additional goals would be prayer walking, looking for persons of peace, learning about worldview, & sharing Biblical truth/stories in villages throughout the province.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Team of the Day: Teaching English in Africa

Location: Sub-Saharan Africa
Team size: 4

Job description: Students will be involved in ministry based out of the Grand Yoff Baptist Center in Dakar, Senegal. The center is located in one of the poorest and most densely populated neighborhoods in the city. Ministry will be multi-dimensional. Student volunteers will spend time at the center connecting with students who are learning language at our ESL center. Responsibilities include teaching English classes, leading conversation sessions, organizing fun activities for socialization and interaction, and building relationships with students. Volunteers will also be expected to spend time in the community of Grand Yoff. They will explore strategies in story-telling and evangelism, visit in homes, and build relationships with the community. Volunteers will also have the opportunity to learn basics in the local language and implement that in ministry and relationship building. There will also be room to utilize special gifts and talents of student volunteers as means for effective ministry.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Team of the Day: Kingdom Fly Fishing

Location: Southeast Asia
Team size: 3

Job description: Use the sport of fly fishing to access some of the beautiful rivers, lakes & seas of Southeast Asia. Even more exciting, you will be using your fly fishing skills to be fishers of men. Our target population is conservative Muslim but has a long history as a group of fishing villages. There are no known believers in our area of 1 million people. Share stories of the Bible, your personal testimony, spiritual surveying, & the Gospel story presentations. Fly fishing, local club fly tying, prayer walking, local area mapping & searching for open people to share with.