Tuesday, July 23, 2019

There's a better home a'waiting...

We spent much this week with students having gospel conversations over dinners and market trips. We were able to talk more in depth with 12 students and 1 professor this way, both Buddhist and Muslim. One of my favorite conversations was with a student who asked me about my time singing in choirs. He asked me to show him one of the songs, so I pulled up a random video from ETSU choir archives. Thankfully it was a gospel song and I pulled up the lyrics for him. The chorus says 
Will the circle be unbroken, by and by Lord, by and by?
There's a better home a'waiting, in the sky, Lord, in the sky.

This student said he liked the song but he prefers his home currently and doesn't think he needs a better one like the song said. It was so wonderful to bridge into a full gospel presentation with someone who listened intently. Oftentimes we have to directly start these conversations and it takes a lot of energy to get people engaged, so I was encouraged at this opportunity. This was the second time I've heard the response, "That is quite beautiful. Thank you for sharing this...we do not have anything like this in Buddhism." 

City Talk English Team