Saturday, July 13, 2019

Two Believe!

Brothers and sisters, you are aware that in the early day the Father made a choice among you, that by my mouth the Gentiles would hear the good news message and believe.”   Acts 15:7

Today, while in a rural village, some locals told us about a beautiful beach that was not very far away. As we were walking toward the beach we came across this very small community of people. 

A couple invited us into their home. As we were sitting with them and discussing culture, hobbies, and each other’s families, we were given the opportunity to share. One of my friends, Jay, felt led and shared her testimony and the full Gospel from beginning to end! While she was sharing we were all interceding and asking that the Father would bring the dead to life. 

After she finished, we asked follow up questions and the couple both believed in the name above all names! We were all encouraged and excited to see how faithfully the Father is working for His glory throughout the whole world! 

Through the Holy Spirit leading us to these specific people, our faithfulness to share, and the Father’s mercies made just by the son, two people were able to hear and believe! 
In these hard to get to, rural places the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. Please ask that the Father of the harvest would send out more laborers, and that by the mouth of obedient followers, these people would hear the Good News message and believe. 

Ex & Ev Team
Southeast Asia

Friday, July 12, 2019

What are you reading?

At the same time, pray also for us that the father may open a door to us for word, to speak the mystery of the son, for which I am in chains, so that I may make it known as I should.”  Col. 3:3-4

On June 25th while sitting on the front porch of a village home, a passing truck came to a halt and we hear the usual “Hello Mister.” However, to our surprise Bapak Mat spoke fluent English! He was surprised to meet native English speakers and invited us to come to his village and stay with him the next day. 

As we arrived the next day, we explored some waterfalls & built relationships with our host and some of his neighbors. The next morning I woke up and went in the main room to read my Bible as usual while Bapak Mat was sitting with Mamatt talking. 

I opened to the book of John and as soon as I did Bapak asked me “What are you reading?” I answered “The good news according to John”. Then Bapak asked, “What is the good news?” 

This was the clearest door that had been opened thus far. 

I couldn’t believe how straight forward the Holy Spirit was being in directing our conversation. Mamatt and I got to share the whole Gospel and walk through John 1 with him! Bapak even asked to read all four books! 

Although Bapak did not confess truth, we were able to share, answer questions, and leave him with a book so he could read further on his own.

I had been praying Colossians over the people we would meet but I had no idea how clearly the Father would answer my intercession. He is so kind and His timing is always perfect! 

This day encouraged me so much and helped me to trust deeper in the Fathers provision and led me to worship him in all circumstances! 

Pray for Bapak. Pray for understanding as he reads The Book and that he would choose to follow the Christ he is reading about.

Ex & Ev Team
Southeast Asia

New Beginnings

Pray for the Stand in the Gap team as their ministry ends in one barangay and begins in the next. 

Pray for open hearts of the locals and a hunger for the gospel. 
For team members, pray for strength, a joy for the Lord even in difficult circumstances, & endurance throughout the remainder of their ministry.

PH Media Team Member


Thursday, July 11, 2019


It’s crazy to think that I only have three weeks left here. I feel like I’m just now getting adjusted to the culture, kinda the language, and the people. I was thinking about how little time I had left, and I began to think about the rest of my life. I’m not sure where the Father is leading me, but I know that I’m open to His guidance. After all, how can I sit on the sidelines. Why not me? 

Tourist on Mission Team
Southeast Asia

Continued Trust & Curiosity

At an international student social, Jen met Jill*. Through conversation, Jen learned Jill is from a Middle Eastern country. Despite best efforts, Jen felt as if Jill did not trust her based on body language, so the attempt was to continue spending time with her to build trust. The following week, Jen texted Jill to meet up and get to know each other better. Jill agreed and asked if she could bring a friend. Shelly* and Jen then met with Jill and her friend, Susan*. Immediately there was a physical difference identified. Jill’s hijab covered the majority of her face, only leaving her eyes and a portion of the bridge of her nose exposed, while Susan’s hijab left her entire face exposed. Jen eventually asked about the difference, and Susan explained she believes it is based on how devout a woman is to Islam; the more that is covered, the more devout. 

That day, Shelly shared the Gospel with both women, and Susan explained she had read parts of the Bible. Jen eventually asked what would happen if someone left the Muslim faith. Susan immediately responded with “they are killed” and reasoned it by explaining it is seen as calling Allah a liar. Jill and Susan then quickly had a conversation in Arabic, and Susan  changed her response to “they just leave the country” reasoning there were no churches in their home country. Since that time, Shelly and Jen have gotten more opportunities to spend time with Jill and Susan, as well as another one of Jill’s friends, Dawn*. 

Pray for open hearts, continued trust and curiosity, and safety for these women. 

-P52 Newark

*Names are changed for security purposes

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Prayers for the last few weeks

One of the first challenges we faced was getting used to the food... But even in this we are learning to rely on Father and to be thankful for what we have! We survived on smoothies, coffee and bánh mí for the first week before venturing into the world of pig stomach, fertilized quail egg and snails. Our bodies have now adjusted to the food and we are enjoying eating Pho with friends and spicy rice paper.

Week 2 consisted of our English workshop, a 5-day seminar for English students at the nearby university. We had 8 other volunteer teachers from the US and around 180 university students in attendance who we split into groups. I had 13 sophomore girls and it was so cool to teach them, ask them questions and hang out with my and others' groups after class! We are excited to have made a lot of friends through this workshop that we hope to continue meeting with until the end of the summer. 

This week and the weeks remaining will be dedicated to seeking out our friends from the workshop, getting to know them better, teaching Book stories and building relationships with the hope of leading them to Jesus Christ. Already we have seen so much receptivity and we are so excited to see what He will do in the upcoming days and weeks. The people here are amazing and beautiful and sweet and so, so lost, and our desire is that their eyes would be opened and that they would come to know the Truth. More specifically, some of people I have developed a strong friendship with do not understand the depravity of their human nature and their need for the Father. Local churches have given them false hope that is so heart breaking. 

I am so excited to see how He works in the next few weeks and am sure that His will will be done, in my group, in our national friends, and in my own heart. Thank you all for your continued support through prayer, I am so thankful for it. We cannot survive without it!!

Tip of the Spear
Southeast Asia

The Journey Church Journeys Home

We are over the halfway point of our summer in the Philippines. Today, we are leaving Nu E to take a few days off for our midsummer break at a nearby island. The adult team from The Journey Church is traveling back home as well. It was a productive time of spreading the Gospel, crafting relationships, and enjoying time fellowshipping with each other.

Because this is the first direct Nehemiah Team-Church partnership, we were able to experiment with our ministry. We split up from our normal teams and incorporated a Nehemiah Teamer, a national partner, and an adult from TJC. With this set-up, we were able to cover a lot of ground, experience new team dynamics, and allow the church members to see how a Nehemiah Team operates and work alongside them. We were able to share the Gospel with many who had not heard or who did not understand, and we saw many believe and understand what the Good News really is. I believe we all enjoyed this time of ministry and are excited for the next teams to build upon the foundation we have laid in Nu E and the island of Socorro.

Please pray for good health. We are experiencing the fight from the enemy, trying to hinder us from focusing on and sharing the Good News. 
Continue to pray for team dynamics and open hearts as well. There is nothing more important than loving God and telling others the truth about the Gospel, and we want nothing to get in the way of that. 
Finally, pray that our church continues to obey the command to reach the nations and that more people will realize how important it is not just to share Jesus with those in Middle Tennessee, but also with those in Socorro, Philippines and around the world.

We want to thank everyone for their prayers and encouragements. It gives us hope and joy when we know that people back home are rooting and praying for us.

Tropical Harvesters Team (JC)
Christian w/ The Journey Church team

An Encouraging Day!

Today was amazing! We met so many new friends that we were able to share the Good News with! We had a conversation with a cousin on the beach & were able to share with him. We then met two guys who were going to worship, and they invited us over for dinner. Later today, we met two cousin girls at a Mosque. We were able to ask them questions about their culture and learn more about them. We were able to share with them as well. They knew all about the Father, and what He did for us. They have friends who have been telling them about our Father! We then met two girls who we later meet up with at the beach. Overall, today was such an encouragement. 

Please pray for these we had Gospel conversations with. 
Pray that the seeds of faith will continue to grow in their lives.

Tourist on Mission Team
Southeast Asia

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Building the Church

Hello all! It was a short week this week since we had vacation in the beginning but it was a busy 4 days for the team!

Barangay C was excited to have us back on Thursday. We went right back into our routine and visited our regular afternoon Bible studies. There is a consistent Bible study attender named Nanay D. (Nanay is the word for mother in the local langauge.) She loves having us over! A young man, Sonny, walked by one day and decided to join in. It turns out he is also a believer! We have been discipling him and he has even led a few Bible studies instead of our national partners. We also baptized him this week! The Lord has answered our prayers! He is happy to continue the mission once we leave in a few weeks. He has really become a member of our team. 

We had our first church service on Sunday at 10 am. Kuya Red, our national partner, taught on faith. (Kuya is the word for older brother.) With Roman Catholicism being the main religion in the area, we really stress the importance of faith and a relationship with Jesus as salvation, not repentance or good deeds. Many of the attendees have been saved during our Bible studies but we also were able to use their speakers. So, everyone in the near by area heard the message as well. We have another service this coming Sunday at 9 and we are praying for another great turn out. We had 11 yesterday and we pray that they are inviting their family and neighbors!

We only have 15 more days on the field and it's hard to grasp that reality. I miss home but Barangay C has become a 2nd home. They are so friendly and welcoming. They have made us members of their community. I'm thankful for everything the Lord has done in the community.

Please pray for all of the Nehemiah Teams all over the world. We are coming to the end of our summer and our goal is to begin churches where ever we are serving.

Teach, Heal & Hoops Team
Daet, Philippines

To the Oceans & Beyond

Don't you wish this was your view for the summer?? 

Pray for the Basketball & Jesus team in the central Philippines as they use basketball to build relationships with young men in the community. 
Pray for those who have heard the Good News through watching the Jesus film.

Basketball & Jesus Team
Cebu, Philippines

Monday, July 8, 2019

Living Water

The past 4 days have been full of preparation for our upcoming seminar. It is about Religion or Relationship. Please pray for us as we continue to prepare for this & that we will present it well and clear. Also, lift up all 13 of us as we hand out water tomorrow morning at the college as the First Year Students-Freshmen register for school. We are also handing out invitations to the seminar and POP Student Center as well.

Pray that students will be interested in coming to the POP Student Center.

Gospel Spreading Team
Daet, Philippines

Planting seeds

Thai culture is very relationship-based. Sometimes our task this summer is less to do with directly sharing the good news and more to do with encouraging the church here and helping them build relationships. However, we were able to share the good news twice this week while visiting people around the village. One of the women was wearing a cross necklace. We asked if she knew what the cross meant and she said no. This was an open door our Father gave us to share the good news! We explained to her that it represented our Savior, and shared the good news with her. Neither of the women were ready to accept Christ into their hearts, but the fact that we were able to plant a seed was awesome. 

Pray for the seeds that are being planted in the lives of the Thai people and that they will bear fruit.

Thai Village Outreach

Proud to be an American... but Excited to be in the Philippines

America’s Independence Day is the most famous holiday celebrating one country’s autonomy. We eat food off the grill, swim with friends and family, and at night, shoot an unrealistic amount of fireworks into the sky. And do not get me wrong, I absolutely missed being with my family on the 4th of July, but I am glad that I was not in America at the time. Instead, I was in the Philippines on  midsummer break with all of the Nehemiah Teamers from my orientation family group.

We went to Siargao, the surfing capital of the world, and we made the most out of our two-day vacation. We went island hopping, snorkeling, swimming, everyone eating off a gigantic banana leaf, and yes... surfing. But the best part was getting to hang out with people from the other teams and hearing stories from the first half of our summer and seeing people that you really care about. And if I was not in the Philippines on the Fourth of July, then there would be numerous people who may not have been able to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Pray for all of our teams as we finish the summer. We have less than three weeks left, so we want to be extremely effective in sharing the Gospel and forming relationships that will allow others to reap the harvest. 
Pray also for our physical health. Between just being very tired to having stomach issues, we have been fighting the missionary sicknesses since day one, so pray the Lord gives us the energy and strength to persevere.

Read James 1:2-4. It’s what we are striving for the rest of the summer.

We must be doing something right because we are right in the midst of this verse. Thanks to everyone who has been praying and supporting not only us, but also anyone who is obeying the command to take Jesus’s name to the nations.

Tropical Harvesters Team- The Journey Church

Prayers for Obedience

These are the three teams I have been working with this summer. We only have 15 days left of ministry here so pray that we are obedient and intentional with the time we have left.

Teach, Heal & Hoops Team
Gospel Spreading Team
Daet, Philippines

Sunday, July 7, 2019

An Open Heart

Frank* is one of the people we met at the first ice cream social. He is from a Middle Eastern country and had just recently finished his second undergraduate degree. We all have become great friends with him. He has attended many of our events, and we have had multiple gospel conversations with him. Frank seems very open to the gospel. When we talk about it, he listens; when we read the Bible with him, he reads along with us. He has even opened his home to us. He made us pizza and chai tea. While we were enjoying the
delicious refreshments, he turned on a video of a local wedding from his country. He was quick to point himself out in the video and explained to us the different traditions. This opened a conversation about marriage and how Western and Eastern weddings differed. Anytime we are available to hang out, Frank is there with us. Keep praying that Frank sees the truth and beauty of the gospel. 

-P52 Newark Team

*Names changed for security purposes

New Opportunities

We have continued to teach English and go out into the village. There is definitely a learning curve to teaching English, but I think we are figuring it out! After teaching on Thursday, we ran into the principal and the principal from another school. The principal from the other school had heard about us and wanted us to come and teach at her school. 

We were able to teach at her school on Friday morning. It was so much fun! It was a very small school & the kids were very well behaved. Afterwards, the principal took us to lunch. This was so awesome as it will help our national partner build a relationship with this woman and hopefully share the Good News!

Pray for this new friend & the potential continued relationship with her school.

Thai Village Outreach