Sunday, June 16, 2019

Keep Away from Drugs

A Thai evangelist came to stay with us for a week. He and his family travel across the country to do drug prevention seminars at schools. They usually get to share the gospel too! We got to help out and do some games & magic tricks during the presentations. We spoke at 5 schools and we're allowed to share the gospel and show Christian cartoons at 4 of the schools. After listening to the gospel message, a teacher told us she wanted to follow Jesus. We spoke at schools with as many as 600 students... hundreds heard the gospel. 
Pray for the seeds that were planted during these opportunities. Pray for the believers that will follow up with the students & teachers that have shown interest in the Gospel.

Thai Village Outreach

P.S.  It also funny watching students get to shake a hand for the first time. It's more awkward then you think.