Tuesday, August 1, 2017


As the summer comes to an end, I can clearly reflect on how amazing God has been to me and my team. We have been able to witness dozens of people come to Christ, and God has allowed us to baptize 3 of those new believers! On top of this, we have hosted multiple VBS programs and we got to share the gospel with each class at Hinolaso National High School. Some of the fondest memories I hold are from the sweet friendships that have blossomed out of fellowship and Bible studies. 

In San Roque, we had a regular Bible Study with a set of grandparents, their kids and spouses, and the grandkids!! Three generations of one family gathered to study God's word; God sure is incredible. 

A new believer in Hinolaso, Ate E, grows exceptionally in her faith every day. I feel so blessed to witness God move like this. Her hunger for God inspires me. 

I also adore the multitudes of children who love on us daily. Their smiling faces and silly nicknames encourage me even after difficult days of ministry. I feel so blessed to be able to serve God and His people in the Philippines. He is faithful and good. He is doing a great work here and I know that I only saw a small part.