Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Conviction in the night

This week we had the privilege of meeting with a short-term team from Ohio that spent the week staying in villages that our team had recently visited. At the beginning of the week they had the opportunity to go to T village, which is where my team first met with a man named H.

While we were in T village, we shared with H for several hours and he even invited us to come to his house the next day. After presenting the Gospel to him, we quickly learned that he had never heard about Jesus before. He said that it was “a very beautiful story.” After hearing each Bible story, he was asking us to teach him more about our Holy book. He seemed so incredibly receptive to the Gospel, however we were unable to spend much more time with him due to extenuating circumstances.

When we left the village, we hoped that we could see him once more before we left Southeast Asia so that we could share more with him and see where he was spiritually. Unfortunately, we were unable to see him again. However, the Ohio team just so happened to run into him on one of their last days in T village.

H is a very hospitable guy so after their first encounter, he invited them into his home for tea and coffee. While they were spending time together, the Ohio team was granted the opportunity to share the story of Jesus with him once more. After hearing all of the Bible stories he told them, “I had a group of guys tell me about the same message just a few weeks ago. I have been restless every night since they shared about Christ with me.”

Every single night H has been meditating on what we shared with him. The Lord has been working in his heart and we expect God to do amazing things in him. We must remember to continue to be obedient to the Lord and his commandments. Our obedience to the Lord, or lack thereof, could affect the eternal destination of those that we come in contact with. We must be intentional with everything that we say and do, because we may never know how our actions will affect those around us.

My prayer is that the Lord continues to work in the heart of H, and that H will recognize his need for God. Please continue to lift him up in prayer so that he will hear the call of the Lord and hopefully one day choose to follow him.

-Caleb W.