Saturday, August 12, 2017

It was worth it

Wild, crazy, incredible summer. Spending 52+ days in Eastern Samar with a team of students, travelling on boats, hiking across islands, and preaching the gospel to the unreached was a huge opportunity for us. It wasn't always easy and had plenty of ups and downs, but in the end every bit of effort put in by the team was worth it. God reached out to so many people and touched their lives in amazing ways. Being able to witness that firsthand was a huge blessing, and now that we're all home, I'm sure everyone's hoping to see that opportunity again soon. Thankful that we've all made it back safe, and for the work God did in so many towns and regions this summer. Huge thanks to everyone for the prayer and support for our teams, it meant so much. 

-Nat Lloyd
Riverboat Team
Samar, Philippines