Tuesday, August 1, 2017

God's work coming full circle

During the summer of 2016, I traveled to Southeast Asia for my first overseas mission trip. It was a great experience filled with many stories of how God demonstrated his power and presence while we shared His Good News. When I arrived back in America, I told about all that I had seen God do in our short time in SEA. Though we saw many amazing works by God during our very short trip, this week I finally realized the extent to which God used my team and me.   

Last summer, we stayed in L village for a few days. During our stay in this village, we went around sharing the Gospel and praying for all those who were ill or oppressed. On one of the last days in this village, me and a couple of guys came across a young man who had been plagued by a blood disease for many years. We expressed our sorrow for his situation and asked, “if we could pray for him in the name of Jesus?”  He welcomed our prayers and then we visited with him for a short time before we went on our way.  We left the village very shortly afterwards and never saw or heard from this young man again.

This summer, my team and I returned to this village but we never saw this young man during the whole week we were in L village. This past week, a short-term team from Ohio visited L village and did similar things as my team did this summer and summer. During their visit this past week, they came across this young man and he told them about how a group of guys had prayed for him last summer, and how the next day he was completely healed. He never experienced anymore symptoms from that particular disease from that point on.  When I heard this news, my team and I could only praise the Lord with the Ohio team and our M.  God is alive and active!

This miracle has demonstrated to me that God is always at work, even if we do not see the result of our work immediately!  Trust Him and remain obedient!

-    -Aaron G.